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WaleTale Vacuum Attachment Dustless Mixing

December 7, 2010

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WaleTale Vacuum Attachment is an important tool which every tile setter should have. This effective tool helps in eliminating dust at the time of mixing mortars and grouts in buckets. It is a well known fact that inhaling dust is harmful as it can lead to various health problems, like eye irritation, sneezing and coughing. Not only does dust worsens the existing heart disease, but also damages the lung tissues and aggravates lung diseases, like asthma. To prevent such scenario, it is advisable to use the WaleTale Vacuum Attachment for avoiding these health problems.

Some people do not realize the seriousness of the issue, unless they themselves suffer from these problems. Dust sometimes contains free crystalline silica that can lead to chronic lung disease silicosis, which causes irritation in the respiratory system. People develop this lung disease on continuous exposure to crystalline silica for a period of five years or more.

The invisible silica dust is so light that remains suspended in the air for a long time and hence travel long distances in air, affecting many individuals, especially tile setters. This health problem is incurable as well as irreversible, where the condition continues to deteriorate even when the exposure stops. Hence, you must take appropriate measures to avoid generation of dust to eliminate the chances of developing this lung disease. Furthermore, prolonged and repeated inhalation of dust can also lead to lung cancer, which can be fatal.

waletale, mixing thinset, mixing mortar, Dustless, vacuum attachment, mixing, grout, mortar, safety gear

Along with minimizing chances of developing health problems, WaleTale Vacuum Attachment also provides various other benefits. Since it eliminates dust, the surrounding remains clean and you do not have to worry about cleaning the work area after completing the job. As it is compact and effective, you can easily carry and use the WaleTale Vacuum Attachment anywhere, even indoors. It is also not very expensive and suits everyone’s pocket.

WaleTale Vacuum Attachment has also gained popularity because of its various other attributes, like durability, optimum performance, and no maintenance requirements. Moreover, the WaleTale Vacuum Attachment is easy to use; you just have to attach it to the bucket and forget about dust. It effectively pulls dust and does not allow it to escape from the bucket. The attachment sucks up the dust generated while pouring the powder into the bucket, without affecting the powder flow into the bucket.

Many people argue that one can use dustless mortars instead of WaleTale Vacuum Attachment, but such mortars do not eliminate dust completely. Furthermore, dustless mortars are more expensive than the effective and efficient vacuum attachment. Few other people would suggest that you can use mask while doing the job. Though it is effective in protecting you from various health hazards caused due to dust, but it does not protect others on the job site. People working around you will inhale dust and subsequently develop health hazards. Hence, be considerate and responsible; use WaleTale Vacuum Attachment which completely eliminates dust, thereby protecting you as well as those around you.

waletale, mixing thinset, mixing mortar, Dustless, vacuum attachment, mixing, grout, mortar, safety gear

Owing to all these benefits, more and more people are increasingly using the WaleTale Vacuum Attachment while mixing mortars and grouts for tile setting.

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