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Montgomery Levels

Montgomery Degree and Pitch Level

The Montgomery Level Difference

Montgomery's Slope Levels are unique in that they have slope indicators in addition to the traditional level and plumb indicators. Unlike digital levels, the Slope Level is durable and easy to use. No more calibrating. We pride ourselves on knowing our levels are made from high quality materials, as well as thoroughly inspected for accuracy and durability. Each level is hand inspected, climate tested and drop tested.

We want our customers to be as confident in our products and services as we are. Because of that confidence, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee* if you are not completely satisfied with your level.

Think of it as having 7 tools in 1. each level can check Plumb, Level, Pitch, and Degree. It also includes a ruler with both standard and metric readings, and can act a a straight edge.

Who uses the Montgomery Level?

• Roofers • Carpenters • Engineers • Contractors • Landscape Architects • Building Inspectors • Cabinet Makers • Stone and Brick Masons • Plumbers • Interior Designers • Painters • Metal Trade • Machinists • Graphic Artists
• and Do it yourself

What are the uses for a Montgomery Level?

    • Checking the pitch of a roof • Landscape grading
    • Properly finding the pitch for drainage on Decks
    • Determine slope for porches and concrete slabs
    • Works under water which is useful for plumbers
    • Great for renovations or home remodela
    • Leveling wall paintings • Hanging pictures
  • The only level that has 2 plum and 2 level vials
  • Box profile, extruded from high quality aluminum with high tensile property
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Rigid glass vials (UV protected) won't change shape, giving more precise readings
  • Standard vials are accurate within + or - .000499", Arc vials are accurate within + or - .5°
  • On top is a ruler, measuring centimeters and inches, for more convenience

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