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Luxurious Bamboo ADA Benches

Bathroom Shower Luxurious Bamboo ADA Benches

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Sophisticated Bath Seating. The BathBench™, SerenaSeat™ and Corner Seat feature aluminum accents which compliment hand selected panels of Brazilian walnut. These panels are naturally resistant to moisture, mildew and decay - and are 3 times stronger than teak (support upto 500lbs/227kgs.). Aluminum frame available in powder coat, chrome or brushed finishes.

SerenaSeat™. This exceptionally solid, spa-inspired shower seat folds up against wall when not in use. The removable back rest conceals the screws of the mounting brackets.

Corner Seat Elegant Spa Seating This luxurious seat conveniently nestles into any corner to create a personalized oasis. Features hand selected Brazilian Walnut panels and a contemporary trim to blend seamlessly with adjacent bath accessories.

BathBench™ Beautifully simple seating, inspired by nature’s elegance. Features hand selected Brazilian walnut panels, sure to add charm to any bathing environment

Brazilian Walnut (IPE) Panels
Janka Hardness Scale (measures the hardness of wood) = 3684lbf (vs. Red Oak=1290lbf or Teak=1155lbf).
Fire rating of A1 - the highest possible, the same as concrete.
More dense than water (it sinks).


  • Solid Construction and Mounting
  • 500lbs / 227kg Weight Capacity
  • Comes pre-assembled and ready to use
  • Ideal for use in or out of the shower and or high-moisture areas

Main Feature

Seat Material / Finish - Brazilian Walnut / Oil finish (does not contain VOCs - Volitile Organic Compounds)

Frame Material - Aluminum 6061-T6

ADA Compliant ADAAG 4.26.3 which specifies structural strength of grab bars, tub and shower seats, fasteners and mounting devices.

SerenaSeat Fold Down Shower Seat Installation Instruction

Invisia Corner Seat Installation Instruction

Invisia BathBench Installation Instruction


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