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WaleTale Vacuum Attachment



WaleTale Vacuum Attachment Dustless Mixing

WaleTale is a professional, easy to use tool for the tile setter that protects the lungs and eliminates the dust when mixing mortars and grouts.

“The time has come to clean up your lungs”

WaleTale Vacuum Attachment

  • Winner of Popular Science Best of What's New 2010
  • Dust Control; Simply turn on the wet dry vacuum and put the Wale-Tale on the bucket and you're ready to mix.
  • Cut down on clean up time.
  • Eliminate dust from mixing mortar and grout in buckets.
  • The WaleTale will not allow dust to escape the top of the bucket.
  • The device clips onto the rim of 5, 3 1/2 or 1 gallon bucket and in companion with a shop vac and HEPA filter allows the tile setter to safely and conveniently mix indoors.
  • WaleTale is the first tool engineered for the tile setter to address the negative effects of the inhalation of free crystalline silica in the work environment.

let’s face it. Mixing mortars and grouts in buckets is the worst aspect of tile setting. We all know how bad the dust is to breath. Even if one were to use an appropriate canister respirator, the health of others on the job site is negatively affected. Dustless mortars are being introduced but they don’t eliminate the dust completely and they are costly.

I know what I’m talking about. After twenty years of setting tile I came up with an idea. I call it WaleTale. It will not allow dust to escape the top of the bucket. It will even pull the dust out of the bag and still let the powder flow into the bucket.

Why Waletale

1.Silicosis is an incurable lung disease caused by inhalation of dust containing free crystalline silica. It is irreversible and, moreover, the disease progresses even when exposure stops.

2.Material Safety Data Sheets for mortars and grouts, including low dust mortars all share similar information

  • Chronic lung disease (silicosis) and/or lung cancer may result from prolonged/repeated breathing of the dust of this material
  • this product is irritating to the respiratory system
  • Silicosis is a fibronodular lung disease that occurs after occupational exposure to crystalline silica for 5 years or longer
  • avoid generation of dusts during cleanup
  • avoid breathing dusts from this material

3.Health of others on the job site is often overlooked. Protecting yourself with a mask can still negatively affect the health of other trades • Respirable silica dust may be invisible to the eye and is so light it can remain airborne for a long time. It can thus travel long distances in the air and so affect populations not otherwise considered to be at risk.

4.mixing indoors is now an option. Mixing at a specific location indoors is now an option.

5.vacuum on the job site means you can now vacuum floors instead of sweeping with a broom. less dust to breath me! Your co-workers will appreciate you

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