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Teak Shower Bench

Choosing a Teak Shower Bench?

If you’re redesigning your bathroom, you likely came across a number of walk in showers with teak shower benches during your research for inspiration. Walk in showers with benches are not only a luxurious design idea, they also can offer a number of other surprising benefits. Unfortunately, many standard shower stalls come with polyresin and fiberglass benches that look fine but, when covered in water, can become hazardous. Continue reading to find out why you need to choose a teak shower bench in your walk in shower.




Having ADA compliant materials in your home or business isn’t only an important thing from a moral standpoint, it is a legal requirement for those who interact with Americans with disabilities. At Flooring Supply Store, we only sell ADA compliant materials, these teak benches being the top of the bunch for style, safety, and security of mind.




Whether you’re choosing a wall mounted bench, rectangle bench, or corner seat, you’ll be surprised at the fittings and fixtures of these teak shower accessories. The natural teak wood is off-set by the marine grade stainless steel hardware and the rounded edges are there for a uniform finish that won’t poke you while you’re enjoying your new bathing space.




According to an article in The Province Newspaper, the United States has the second highest bathroom—and bathtub—mortality rate in the world with Swiss researchers noting that one in ten falls involved some form of traumatic brain injury. A teak shower bench has natural slip resistant properties, which can improve safety in the bathroom and it also naturally repels bacteria and mildew that can build up over time.




Everybody loves a walk in shower because they look luxurious with their tidy lines and clutter-free existence. Conversely, bathtubs often accumulate lots of bottles and other knick-knacks that eat up that extra space. A bathtub bench provides a convenient space to hide all those pesky bathroom accoutrements from view.

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