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QuARTz Linear Shower Drains

QuARTz by ACO Linear Shower Channel Drains

Linear drainage for Tiled showers and wet rooms

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QuARTz Linear Shower Drains are available in innovative designs and have replaced the traditional style showers with step. The Linear Shower Channel Drains have changed the bathroom design process and provide improved function with enhanced look. QuARTz Linear Shower Drains are useful in case of tiled showers and wet rooms.

The channels and grates are made using stainless steel of grade 304, which imparts them durability and high strength. Moreover, these are electro-polished in order to ensure their long functional life. This process of taking impurities out of the stainless steel gives drains, channels and grates a perfect finish. A completely barrier-free design with the elimination of complex falls and complicated tiling has made installation much quicker and easier.

These drains are available in various length sizes ranging from 28", 32", 36", 40" and 48" to 55". Moreover, these are also made available in 6 standard sizes with 7 grate options. The drains are designed in such a way that makes their installation similar to that of a standard shower drain. The width of Linear Shower Drains ensures minimal bypass and allows installation either as a threshold against the wall or wherever the layout allows. The drains are installed either with liquid (Hot-Mop) or rolled on membranes (CPE).

QuARTz Linear Shower Drains are made in compliance with cUPC® certification. The outlet of the drains are made in such a way that there is no need of welding on the channel surface. To compliment the spa-like bathrooms in commercial as well as residential sectors, these drains are also available with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.

The luxurious, electro polished stainless steel or oil-rubbed bronze fixtures complement the latest in luxurious, spa-like bathroom design with the performance and finish expected from the world-leading drainage manufacturer. Installation is also made much quicker and easier as complex falls and complicated tiling are eliminated.

The fact about Quartz by Aco

  • ACO are a International trench drainage manufacturer
  • Quartz by Aco manufacture the product (no OEM)
  • Product is German engineered and the channels are produced in US
  • Channels and Grates are 304 stainless steel
  • Both Channels and Grates are Electro-Polished (process of taking impurities out of the stainless steel)
  • Outlet is drawn so no weld on the surface of the channel
  • Designed so installation is the same as a standard shower drain
  • cUPC® certification (IAPMO file # 6532)
  • 6 standard sizes with 8 grate options
  • Width will ensure minimal bypass so can be installed at any location including threshold
  • Added an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish as standard
  • Installation with either liquid (Hot-Mop) or rolled on membranes (CPE)
  • Marketing and Product Development world leader is linear shower drainage
  • Drains are available in 28", 32", 36", 40", 48" and 55" lengths

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