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Tempered Glass Shelves

Tempered Glass Shelves

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One of the most common and attractive display fixtures is the shelving. Wood, plastic and wire shelving is available, among which Tempered Glass Shelving is quite popular. These shelving can be easily mounted and are interchangeable on wall standards, grid wall and slat wall. Tempered Glass Shelving is an attractive way of keeping accessories in the bathroom.

Tempered Glass Shelves are available in various shapes such as rectangle, quarter and triangle. These shelves can support maximum weight of 44 pounds and require an appropriate attachment to the substrate. The glass shelf can be installed with shelf brackets that are to be mounted not more than 16" (406 mm) apart. Beautifully fabricated, these glass shelves are polished with flat edges.

Adjustable Shelf Brackets are also available in brushed nickel, satin chrome and chrome finish. These brackets can be secured with one screw to the substrate. Along with these, Sparkle glass cleaner and stain remover is also available. It is useful in cleaning stains on the glass and removing soap scum from shower doors, and can also be used on auto glass for removing water spots.

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