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Setting Materials

January 26, 2010

Setting Material Data and specification

Sanded Caulking, Non-Sanded Caulking, C-Cure Caulk 986 Caulking Materials, Setting Material, Thinset, non-sanded Grout, Sanded Grout Mortar, cement, C-Cure, Building supply, Building material.C-Cure Sanded Grout 924

MP Nonsanded 923 is a one-part, latex-Portland cement grout with excellent flexural and bond strengths, color control, minimal efflorescence and high compressive strength. It is specifically designed for tile installations that will be subjected to thermal shock.

MP Sanded 924 is a one-part, latex-Portland cement grout that provides excellent flexural and bond strengths, color control, minimal efflorescence and high comprehensive strength. It is specifically designed for tile installations that will be subjected to thermal shock.

CureCaulk 986 – A superior quality siliconized acrylic latex caulk that is mold and mildew resistant.

The product forms a long-lasting, flexible, water tight seal that will resist cracking  on most building materials, including glass, wood, ceramic, metal and stone.  CureCaulk 986 is available in all of C-Cure’s grout colors.

PermaBond FastSet 904 – A factory blend of Portland cement, sand and special chemical additives which produce  an excellent, fast setting, dry-set mortar. PermaBond FastSet 904 enables the contractor  to set tile and grout within two hours so that he will have a finished installation which  can be open to foot traffic in 4 hours

Pro Full Contact 907 is specifically formulated to provide a single-step installation method for large format ceramic tile and stone. It fully supports heavy tiles and stone, reducing lippage problems and the need for leveling or pre-floating rough surfaces.

TileSet 910 An economical factory-blend of Portland cement, extenders and additives.  TileSet produces an excellent bond by use of the dry-set mortar method for the installation of ceramic tile. Applicable ANSI Standards: A108.5, A108.1B, A118.1, A118.4

Thinset 911 is a factory blend of Portland cement, sand and a unique blend of special additives.  C-Cure Thinset 911 produces an excellent bond with greater coverage than conventional dry-set mortars for the installation of ceramic tile.

MultiSet 917 – The economical polymer-modified dry-set mortar designed for the bonding of all types of tiles. It may be used for either walls or floors for both interior and exterior applications where a liquid latex-modified mortar is recommended.

Rapid Crete Non-Shrink Grout Is a line of multipurpose, fast-setting cement products for general concrete repair, anchoring, industrial grouting, and formed work.

Rapid Crete is a high performance blend of rapid setting cement and s to Portland cement repair materials and may be applied using similar methods.

PERMABOND® ULTRA 1002 is a superior strength adhesive composed of the highest quality organic resins and latexes. It has been formulated to perform equally well for both wall and floor tile installations.

C-Cure Curelastic 949 Elastomeric Anti-Fracture Membrane and Adhesive ( Mastic)

A ready-mixed, organic, trowel applied anti-fracture membrane and adhesive developed to install ceramic tile and stone over a variety of substrates.

ProForm® BRAND Joint Compound is a family of ready to use, drying type joint compounds formulated specifically for the professional drywall finisher. All ProForm joint compounds deliver high performance relative to: less shrinkage, sandability, workability with less “pull,” greater crack resistance, wet edge and open time, and hand or tool application.

SealGuard Waterproofing Membranes SealGuard can be use as a crack isolation membrane as well

Ready-Mixed flexible coating that is roller or brush applied directly to approved surfaces to serve as an Waterproofing resistive barrier

PRO-RED® WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE 963 is a ready-to-use, elastomeric, waterproofing and crack prevention membrane for all interior or exterior commercial and residential tile and stone installations.

Easily applied with roller, trowel or sprayer producing a continuous moisture barrier with outstanding adhesion.

TFC 100 polyurethane sealants are one component polyurethane sealants formulated to become tack free and cure rapidly. TFC 100 are UV resistant and have excellent weathering, providing long-life performance

Uni Bond is designed to re-adhere tiles whenever a loss of bond has occurred. With it’s unique elastomeric qualities, Uni Bond archives a solid bond, yet allows for limited deflection ( a common cause for loss of bond). Note: Uni Bond is limited to tiles set over properly prepared concrete substrate or exterior grade plywood. For interior applications only.

C-Cure Frequently Asked Questions – All you questions about Thinset, Mortar, Grout and caulking

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