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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Glazed Ceramic and stone

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Bathroom Accessories enhance the appeal of the bathroom with their attractive and decorative designs. Niches and Benches, Bath Accessories Collections, Tileware Bath Fixtures, Tempered Glass Shelves and Deco Electrical Plates are some of the bathroom accessories offered by us. All these accessories are made available in stone, glazed ceramic and porcelain finishes.

Functionality with style is the attribute of these accessories. Bathroom space is optimally utilized by the corner shelves and shower shelves. These easy to install accessories are 100% waterproof and do not cause any structural damage. Moreover, seepage does not occur by using these accessories. The material required for installation is also available along with the accessories, which makes the installation process simple and hassle-free.

The Bathroom Accessories are made using stone, ceramic, travertine and porcelain, which imparts durability and strength. These are available in glaze and matte finish and in various colors, including white, cream and ivory. Moreover, these are also available in various styles and mounting options and are used during construction or remodeling.

The niches and benches, towel holders and soap dish help in storing the products in an organized manner. These Bathroom Accessories are easy to maintain and clean by making use of the all purpose cleaners. By using these, bathroom space can be redefined and one can experience the Mediterranean charm along with a comfortable shower.

Bathroom accessories are dominating showers around the world! Stone is finding its way back into the showers and with lot of style. Ceramic and travertine bring an old world charm into your showers and help you bask in the glory of the Mediterranean charm! The corner shelves and shower shelves will completely redefine your bathroom space!

A new addition to our store is TileWare bathroom fixtures Promessa Series, a new patent by Tileware making shower shelf easy and simple to install while having the waterproofing 100% safe

You will simply fall in love with the travertine soap case and towel holders. They will make your bathroom look very different and provide a charming allure to your shower! These accessories also allow you to organize all your stuff and lend a neat and clean appearance to your shower. A perfect solution to enjoy a comfortable shower!

In this section you will find 1000s items such as Toilet paper holder, Soap dish, Corners shelves, Towel Bars, Tooth Brush Holder and more, you can find those items in Ceramic, Cast Stone, Porcelain, Travertine

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