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Deco Electrical Plates

Stone Electric Decorative Plates

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Travertine Decorative Electrical Cover Plate is designed for residential as well commercial bathrooms. These Deco Electrical Plates are available in various shapes and sizes, including square and rectangular. The plates have single and double plugs, switches and GFI geometric designs. Besides, these are also available in single, double and triple toggle.

These decorative plates are made in plain as well as leaf designs, which complement the interior of bathrooms. Easy to install either in the wall or tiles, these cover plates do not hamper the structural appearance of the bathroom. These plates are made using classic decoupage technique and are sealed with a shiny smooth finish. This makes the plates scratch proof, crack resistant and water resistant.

The Electrical Cover Plates are made using resin on phenolic plastic of standard size. White, cream and ivory colors enhance the décor of the bathroom. Moreover, these are also designed in customized sizes depending upon the requirement of the user.

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