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Floors n Walls System

Blanke Floors and Walls System

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Blanke Floors n Walls System is ideal for renovations in homes, new constructions or commercial projects. These systems are integrated with waterproofing fabric that allows perfect sealing. Offering clean and hygienic solution, these are easy and quick to clean. Moreover, these floor and wall systems are light in weight and can be easily installed. Made using high density material, these systems do not rot or degrade.

Aqua Shield, a waterproofing fabric, provides a vapor barrier and is suitable for steam rooms. These shields provide protection from moisture penetration in wet areas such as shower stalls and bathrooms. Applied on dry, flat and structurally sound surfaces, these shields are available in rolls of various sizes, cut and corner. 

SECURMAT Uncoupling Underlayment is tear resistant, which provides crack isolation protection and a secure bonding surface. These SECURMAT are easy to cut, install and suitable for tiles of all sizes. Made using polyester and extruded fiberglass, these are suitable for tiled floor applications over wood substrates.   

Blanke PERMAT is another uncoupling underlayment that provides greater compression and tensile strength than plastic roll products. It adds support to wood as well as concrete substrates and thus, reduces deflection. PERMAT is made using polypropylene fleece, which renders it crack isolation properties. Besides, the ULTRA-DRAIN provides drainage and uncoupling system for outdoor tile installations on decks, terraces and balconies. These systems are useful for preventing any kind of damage caused by moisture. 

Blanke PermaCove is an innovative system that forms a sanitary cove base by installing straight cut pieces of tile and stone onto a flexible extruded PVC base. No longer does a tile design have to be compromised because of the lack of a factory manufactured sanitary cove. The Blanke PermaCove is ideal for restaurants, restrooms, kitchens and public showers where hygiene codes require the prevention of standing water and bacterial growth in the wall/floor joints. It is also recommended for residential showers to prevent unsightly mildew build-up. This easy-to-install system forms to irregular floor/wall connections and is complemented by a full range of accessories.

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