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WarmWire Spool 120 Volt

Suntouch Electric Radiant WarmWire Spool 120 Volt

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New features:

Now approved for showers • Exceeds CSA-130 • New super-rough urethane outer jacket • Stainless steel braid shines through

The affordable alternative to radiant heated mats.

Do you care about the safety of your loved one? Read About Suntouch's reduced EMF

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WarmWire works great in large rooms and in complex room layouts. Secure cable straps to the subfloor and stretch the cable between them before covering with masonry. WarmWire is approved for showers.

WarmWire cable heats the same way as SunTouch mats, but costs less and installs differently. Secure the cable straps to the subfloor and stretch the wire between them. Cover with thin-set or self-leveling mortar and finish with almost any floor covering.

There is no practical technology for passively shielding a heating element to virtually eliminate H-field EMF. The only effective approach is "active shielding". This means canceling the H-field of one heating element with the H-field of another parallel element. SunTouch electric heated floors use this approach with a complex wire made of two sets of heating element constructions; running them in parallel with a patented helical twist.

WarmWire Features

• Single point connection • High-performance ETFE insulation • Strengthened with aramid reinforcing • Protected with stainless steel jacket • Available in 120VAC and 240VAC • Sizes up to 240 sq. ft. • UL listed in Canada & USA • Ultra-low EMF • Grounded from end to end 244-8

WarmWire™ floor heat cable is an economical way to utilize a radiant heat flooring system as a means of warming floors and providing years of lasting comfort. This floor warming system offers underfloor heat that helps keep bathrooms, kitchens, and entry ways dry and safe. Make your home cozy with SunTouch heated floor system.

  • 2" o.c. delivers 15 Watts per sq.ft. - Concrete basement slabs, sun rooms, high heat loss areas, etc.
  • 2.5" o.c. delivers 12 Watts per sq.ft. - Bathrooms, kitchens, dining/living areas, etc.
  • 3" o.c. delivers 10 Watts per sq.ft. - Hallways, entries, low heat loss areas, etc.

*The 2.5" spacing is most commonly used.

WarmWire can be used to warm areas as small as a powder room or as large as 240 sq. ft. Even larger areas can be warmed with multiple cables wired in parallel.

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