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Invisia Designer Collection

Invisia Innovative Designer Collection

A series of luxurious bathroom accessories that also happen to be a grab bars hidden in plain sight

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Invisia™ Collection Safety Enhanced Bathroom Accessories

ADA Compliant

Main Feature List

Integrated support rails with a 500lbs / 227kg weight capacity.
Professional grade construction and superior quality fittings ensure years of uncompromising support.

Discreet wall stems with concealed screws.
Meticulously designed wall interface stems render mounting areas virtually invisible.

Multi-Contact wall support.
While two-point contact with the wall structure is standard for most support rails and bathroom accessories, much of the Invisia Collection overachieves with up to 4 points of contact for maximum structural support.

Solid surface.
The soap dish, corner shelf and toilet roll holder all feature beautiful shatterproof surfaces that resist the growth of mold and bacteria.


  • Elegant Design with Integrated Support
  • Solid Construction and Mounting
  • Patented Discreet Wall Mounts that Conceal Mounting Hardware
  • Suitable For Use in a Wet Environment
  • 500lbs / 227kg Weight Capacity
  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • ADA Compliant Rail Diameter and Spacing (ADAAG 4.26.2)
  • ADA Compliant Structural Strength (ADAAG 4.26.3)
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