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MLT Leveling System

The Mechanical Lippage Tuning or MLT leveling system allows you to install a wide variety of tiles with minimum waste. Its three major components: the caps and straps, which are both conveniently reusable and a selection of base plates that are suitable for different materials, such as Porcelain, Thin Tile, and Stone, all allow you to customize the MLT leveling system to suit specific jobs. Whether you're looking to purchase an MLT leveling system Start-Up or Pro Kit or to stock up on individual items such as reusable caps and straps, non-reusable one-piece straps, standard Porcelain plates, and protective rubber feet, Flooring Supply Shop is your one-stop-shop for all your MLT leveling system needs. We even carry Ergonomic Gun Tool, made with a Tensioning dial. Browse our selection today!

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