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SereneDrains Towel Warmers

SereneDrains Towel Warmers and Drying Racks

Towel Warmer Styles for Every Bathroom's Size and Decor

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Each Warmrails towel warmer comes with ample room & power to warm a full set of bath, hand & face towels. Warmrails towel warmer finishes & modern design go perfectly with any bathroom style.

  • Dry & warm towels, clothing, blankets, etc
  • Controls the humidity to decrease the occurrence of mold and mildew
  • Use less power than an average light bulb running on 110v
  • Reduce laundry & drying
  • Are very safe (Filatherm dry element), containing no oils or liquids
  • Heat up quickly & are maintenance free
  • Help eliminate smells & keep bathrooms mildew free

To get the best result of your towel warmer, towels should be folded over couple of time to allow the heat to build up in the fiber of the towel. Avoid placing the towel warmer in an area where it is drafty or likely to be knock over (for free Standing towel warmer)

Towel warmers, heater towel rails, not only offer visual appeal but serve as a multi-functional accessory. Once marketed only to upscale spas and hotels, homeowners on any budget can now afford the luxury of owning a towel warmer.

Towel warmers are designed to warm and dry bath linens faster than air drying, It is a sustainable and more energy efficient to reduce laundry loads with the added benefit of keeping ‘damp’ towels from becoming mildewed and insanitary, Moreover, in colder temperatures, most towel warmers also serve as space heaters. Stainless steel towel warmers have proven to be more sustainable and resistant to corrosion and flaking than those that are chrome plated or powder coated.


  • Heats up fast.
  • Made of Grade 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Offered in both Polished and Brushed finishes.
  • No liquid
  • 7 day/ 24 Hr Programmable timer available. (Sold separately)

Certified by UL for the USA and Canada.

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Warmrails Towel Warmers and Drying Racks F.A.Q

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