The Best Drainage Options for New Construction Projects

March 23, 2021

Serene Invisible Slim Design Linear Drains

When it comes to construction projects a lot of things go overlooked until they are a problem or the primary focus of the project. Drains are no exception. When is the last time you thought about the drains at your own home? Let’s face it probably never. However, this doesn’t mean that the various drainage options available to install during a new construction project should receive any attention. 

The primary task of a drain is to control the flow of water and elevate pools that may form in areas where water is common. On a construction project, drains may be used in kitchens and bathrooms where sinks and showers are commonplace and in landscaping efforts where pools, koi ponds, and sprinklers may produce excess water. Below the three best drainage options commonly used on new construction projects are discussed and explored.

Traditional Drains

Traditionally drains were quite standard. Typically, your standard drain utilizes curbs or another type of barrier to separate wet and dry areas. These barriers work alongside a primitive style drain. These drains are great in showers, sinks, and bathtubs where curbs and other barriers are present. However, for several reasons, it is more and more common for showers these days to lake curbs or another type of barrier. These barriers make getting in and out of the shower more difficult, and sometimes individuals with mobility issues are not able to utilize a shower with a curb. When working on a construction project where a curb or basin less shower is being installed, a traditional drain just won’t cut it. 

SereneDrains Broken Lane Design Linear Drains Satin Gold

Linear Drains

If you are on a construction site where you are installing a curbless shower or another barrier-free element that requires a drain, then you may want to look into installing a linear drain. Unlike traditional drains, a linear drain possesses a shallow channel and less invasive design that will allow you to lower the floor height around the shower or other elements. Linear drains are also a great drain option that is compatible with a slew of modern tanking techniques. Tanking, or waterproofing a bathroom or other element, is done differently across the United States. In most areas, rubber liners are the most common. However, in some regions copper and additional styles of liners are utilized to meet style and aesthetic standards. A linear drain is compatible with most PVC, rubber, copper, and other modern tanking techniques.

Pre-sloped Trench Drains 

In order for in-floor drain systems to work, the floor has to be slightly sloped. Unlike traditional in-floor drains, a pre sloped trench drain does not require standard four-sloped floors to be installed. Compatible with two-sloped floors, a pre-sloped trench drain is a great choice to minimize the different levels a floor of a property possesses. In addition, a pre-sloped trench drain is easier to install than a standard floor drain and requires virtually no additional maintenance after installation. If you are looking to install an in-floor drain in your newest construction project you will probably want to go with a pre-sloped trench drain!

Right Drain For Your Project

All types and styles of drains that are currently on the market were created for a reason. A certain drain may be designed to perform better in a particular situation or when installed for use on a certain project. However, the best way to find the right drain for your current project is to do some research on the various different drains on the market. A traditional drain may be perfect for your new sink installation, but that new walk-in shower may require a linear drain.

Skylar Ross is a contributor to the Innovative Materials blog. He is a content writer for the construction and home improvement industries with an interest in landscaping, outdoor remodeling, and interior design. Skylar is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability, and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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A Note to Our Customers About COVID-19

March 25, 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

We Are Open – Both online and in our local shop in L.A.

During this difficult time, it has become harder for shoppers to obtain essential products, as many businesses are being forced to close across the country. However, here at International Flooring Center, Inc. (, we’re determined to continue to serve you, while keeping our staff and the community safe.

For online shoppers – Rest assured that for those who shop online, we will continue our deliveries as usual. Although if you still wish to visit our store physically, extra measures have been taken to provide you with access to our products, services, and support.

For local shoppers – We’re now offering a contactless, curb side pickup, return, and exchange service at our store. So, any items that you order online, or over-the-phone can be delivered right to your car. Also, if there’s something you missed, simply ask our servicing employee and if it’s in stock, they will be happy to grab the additional products and add them to your order at pickup!

As we’re determined to serve you in the best ways possible, at this time we’re taking all the necessary precautions to adhere to social distancing within our facility.

We appreciate your business and will provide you with further updates if there are any changes to our business’ operations. For you and your family, please stay safe.

The Flooring Supply Shop Team

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Awaken Your Senses with Steam

November 13, 2014

Awaken Your Senses with Steam

Serene Steam Shower System

Buy Now at

Almost anyone who has ever taken a regular shower knows that the warmth and soothing rhythm of the water can provide great stress relief. When it comes to steam showers, you can enjoy those familiar benefits as well as a number of others.

A steam shower provides wet heat that can open your pores, causing you to sweat and helping your body to release toxins. If that was the only potential benefit, it might be enough. But a steam shower may also help your circulation, open up your sinus passages, assist you with weight loss and offer you the opportunity to relax your thoughts as well as your body.

You may have enjoyed these kinds of benefits in a sauna at a spa, but with the Serene Steam shower, you can now enjoy them in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Although it’s a luxurious product, its simplicity of design and ease of installation may surprise you. The stainless steel shower system comes boxed and ready to install by your plumber or contractor. It requires no hook-up to electricity.

Serene Steam Shower System

Showerheads and Audio System

Serene Steam is a shower system that includes a rainfall shower head and a Bluetooth audio system in addition to its steam function. Its large showerhead, either round or rectangular depending on the model, can be angled to regulate water flow the way you want it. There is also a back and shoulder shower head which can be swiveled to the angle that works best. This shower head directs a high pressure flow of water to areas of your body that often hold tension, your shoulders and upper back. Water can also be diverted to a hand held shower head.

The sound system is one of the most interesting features, providing you with the chance to enjoy lovely music while you relax in the steam. The waterproof Bluetooth sound system is placed in a semi-flush position inside the shower unit. It uses a lithium ion battery which should never need to be replaced. The speaker system is docked in such a way that it’s removable, so you can take it out when you need to recharge it. A cable and charger come with the system. The system manual, which can be printed from the company’s website, details the speaker system and how it can be removed and replaced. The manual also provides instructions for connecting the speaker system to a Bluetooth enabled portable device.

Serene Steam Shower System

Steam Control and Aromatherapy

The highlight of the Serene Steam shower is its steam control dial, which can be easily turned to an open or close position to release steam. Once you’ve reached the steam level you desire, usually within about five minutes, you can turn the function to a halfway “cruise” mode to complete the steam experience. Steam will be released from the main vent, raising the temperature to a comfortable warmth.

You can also utilize the system’s aromatherapy feature to enjoy a relaxing scent with your steam. A few drops of essential oil are placed in the proper opening so scent will be delivered with the steam. Per warranty, only official fragrances like Eucalyptus Fusion and Harmony Aroma, from approved vendors such as Flooring Supply Store can be used in the system in order to avoid any potential problems.

The Serene Steam shower system delivers a relaxing shower and steam experience. Its modern design, relatively easy installation and enhanced features such as Bluetooth audio and aromatherapy make it a luxurious investment. However, it’s also an eco-friendly system as steam generally only uses about half the water volume of regular showers so you’ll save both energy and water.

For those of us who live such fast paced lives that we can hardly catch up, let alone treat ourselves to some much needed pampering, a steam shower is a perfect option. It turns even the most mundane of tasks into a spa like experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Serene Steam Shower System

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Home Improvement things to know before your next Remodeling

March 26, 2014

ATR tile leveling system, RLS wedges, RLS spacers, RLS-KIT, leveling, lippage, flat surfaces, spacers, installation

Now that spring has officially arrived, many homeowners are going to focus on finally getting around to those home improvement projects they were never got around to during the winter. One big change you can make to your home, that makes an even bigger impact on it’s appearance, is getting new flooring.

There are, of course, hundreds of flooring options one has to choose from. A flooring type that has often gotten a bad rap is tiles. People have a misconception that they are pricey, difficult to install, and are delicate. What people don’t think about is that, as is with everything, technology has completely changed tiles and how they’re installed.

Tile now days are completely transformed, unique, and almost futuristic. Frosted glass tile along the walls of a shower can turn it into a spa like environment while dark porcelain tiles in the kitchen give it a Tuscan feel.. It has the ability to take a room to another level. While it’s still popular in the traditional settings of the bathroom and kitchen (thanks to its water resistance), it’s almost becoming popular in entry ways and walkways thanks to it’s durability.

A big concern for many when installing tile is proper installation. Whether you do it yourself, or hire a professional, we’ve all heard the horror stories of jagged, uneven tile floors. As I previously mentioned, technology has transformed the installation process with much of that due to the invention of the ATR Tile Leveling System. The system is the only of its kind in that it is a simple, pull out tile leveling system.

ATR tile leveling system, RLS wedges, RLS spacers, RLS-KIT, leveling, lippage, flat surfaces, spacers, installation

Other tile levelers involve use of force, kicking, or even use of tools. I’m fairly certain the last thing someone wants to do when they install brand new tile floors is start kicking at the leveling system or taking a mallet hammer to the leveling system to try to get it out, running the risk of scratching or chipping a tile. This system is unlike others in that it is simply un screw in few spin or use 10mm socket.

Some advantages below

1. The universal Spindle removes cleanly and easily, without any force applied, eliminating risk of fragmenting tiles or leaving any unwanted obstructions behind

2. ATR Leveling System is also the only system not to leave any straps or obstructions between the grout joints once the spindle is removed

3. NO SPECIAL TOOLS REQUIRED, for the advanced professional a simple socket and a cordless drill may be used to install and remove spindles so you are not depending on a broken gun or a single gun on the job site

4. The only system that the spacing plates lock the tile into position giving you the most perfect intersection of the tile and straight lines without requiring consistent adjustments

5. no movement in tile position while twisting the spindle

6. Great labor saving 4 to 1 ratio

For those of you looking to remodel on a budget or simply prefer to do it yourself, there is a ATR Tile Leveling System that will give you the same results as with the professional kit. All you have to do are three easy steps: spread mortar and install tile, screw the spindle into the spacing plate and slide the plate under the tiles to align them, and turn the spindle until the tiles are aligned. It doesn’t matter if you’re installing tiles on your floor or walls, it’s all the same for this system. Just like that, your “big project” for your home this spring, just got a little easier.

Spencer Blohm is a freelance home and lifestyle blogger for He’s currently been on a D.I.Y. binge and has established some unlikely friendships with the employees of his local hardware store.


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ATR Leveling System – Upcoming update Feb 1st 2014

February 2, 2014

ATR Leveling System -Upcoming update Feb 1st 2014

We at ATR are excited and glad to announce after a long year of re-development, further testing and improvements, ATR will soon be introducing the new innovated Spindle and Spacing Plate designs

NEW Spindles

The new spindle features a new screw element with a larger head and grip element,4 segment viewing windows for easier viewing access and much more robust which means you will get more uses and will save you long term expenses

NEW Spacing Plates – available by the end of March 2014

Soon to be released the new 3mm Spacing plate. This 3mm spacing plate design may also be substituted for the use of laying on Floors and Walls. Available in Cross plates, T shape plates and Edge plates. The new spacing plate features a dome look effect to the underside for tightening spindle to it’s desired strength locked position and to eliminate anymore future concerns of the screw tip penetrating through! This was never the situation but more of an allusion.

This unique innovated ATR patent system will work with any type of tile, thickness up to 18mm excluding un-even stone type like Slate or as such composites, for more handy information on any of our products visit



(latest video 04/07/2013) new video coming soon
Video taken by Professional Tile setter Salvatore DiBlasi

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What You Should Know About DIY Flooring

November 6, 2013

What You Should Know About DIY Flooring

So you think you are ready to take on a weekend warrior project? That green shag carpet in the den has got to go. Maybe it is the dingy, torn-up vinyl flooring in the kitchen. Before you even start ripping up your old floor, make sure you have the skills, knowledge and tools, or your weekend project could become expensive and cover a few weeks.

Replacing Worn Out Carpeting

Do it Yourself, DIY, Home Improvement, home remodeling, flooring supply, bathroom remodeling, shower remodeling

An experienced DIY enthusiast can rip out old carpet and install new carpeting. The job will be messy — it is amazing how much dirt settles under old carpet. You should put down new padding unless yours is in pristine shape. This project will be easier if you remove the old tack strips and install new tackles ones, as suggests. Allow the new carpet to acclimate to the temperature of your home for 24 hours before installation to prevent shrinking. You still need to use a stretcher to attach the carpet to the tackles strips.

Requirements for this project include the ability to lift and move a large roll of carpet. You will also need to be able to cut it correctly. One mistake can ruin an expensive project. Seam tape can be used for minor errors.

Laying New Wood Flooring

Do it Yourself, DIY, Home Improvement, home remodeling, flooring supply, bathroom remodeling, shower remodeling

The instructions on the box say the pieces just “snap together”. How much easier could it be? You need to read the part about the sub-floor, if the package even mentions it. Your sub-floor is the base you will be snapping your new floor to according to If your sub-floor is wavy, deteriorating or running off at a 30-degree slope, your new floor will look worse with every piece you install.

DIY requirements for this job? You really need more than average handyman skills. You need tools for cutting the flooring to fit as well as a power nailer. When you consider the expense of the materials, you should hire a professional. You can easily do some research online to find contractors in your area that fit your budget for the job.

Installing Vinyl Tile

Do it Yourself, DIY, Home Improvement, home remodeling, flooring supply, bathroom remodeling, shower remodeling

Twelve-inch peel and stick flooring can be installed in a weekend without rocket science skills. One critical aspect of the job is the condition of the floor you are applying the new tile to. If this floor is not even, your new floor will not be either. The tiles are inexpensive enough that one or two mistakes should not be too costly. However, if you plan on removing old flooring, make absolutely certain it does not contain asbestos.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns homeowners that older vinyl flooring may contain asbestos. You may not be able to tell just by looking at the tile — it may require testing. Asbestos is a mineral fiber that was frequently used in many building materials from the 1930s through the 1970s. If you are not sure whether asbestos was used, leave it alone.

To end up with a successful project, keep your tiles all going in the right direction. On the back of the tile, you will see an arrow. Each tile you lay needs to have the arrow going in the same direction. You also need to start with a very straight line, in the center of the room, and continue placing the tile straight, according to Do It Yourself. Adjustments and short pieces should occur at the edges of your room. If you work with plain tiles–those without extensive patterns–you will have better results. Save the mosaics for a professional.

Remember to not overestimate your skills when you want new flooring. Simple projects are not always simple. If you are investing a considerable amount of money into the materials, invest in a professional to install the floor. Spend your weekend relaxing while you watch someone else work.

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Announcing the Launch of Our New Website Design

October 21, 2013

After months of preparation, dedication and hard work to prepare for this exciting day, FlooringSupplyShop is delighted to officially announce the launch our newly designed website. The new site launched on Oct 20th, 2013, and is located at the same address:
That’s right folks, we took a dose of our own medicine.

At  our goal for the new website is to provide our visitors with an extremely user friendly website. The new innovative site will offer more functionality and easier navigation with more in-depth information about our DIY home improvement products.

The new site is completely fluid, fully responsive and fits all types of browser resolutions. It also has a touch-friendly mobile navigation menu.

So, whether you are “just looking” or you are seeking more specific details about a one of our Ready to Tile Benches to use or maybe seeking more information regarding the difference option building your own shower, we are here to help you learn more as we strive to give the most updated information and offer great learning tools for different types of guests that visit our site.

When you have a few minutes, please review our new site. You will feel the commitment, the passion, and dedication of everyone in the FlooringSupplyShop family. We would appreciate your thoughts on how our efforts have resonated with you.

We hope you like our new website. If you experience any problems using it or if you have any suggestions, please contact us at

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January 2, 2013


Date: January 8, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Location: 5047 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90016 (corner of Jefferson and La Brea, off the 10 fwy)

Please reserve in advance Seats at this event usually fill up quickly.

This course was designed for anyone interested in performing quality stone and tile restoration services. This one day event covers the most popular entry level Stone & Tile restoration services in a more hands-on environment than any other one day event. This is a minimal classroom, maximum hands on event meant to allow attendees to work with various types of equipment and processes to gain confidence in order to actually go out the next day start generating revenue.

877 880 8453 or 323 731 8453

Come and learn how to turn those “Before” to “After”

Counter top before and after

Floor Before and After

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ANSI 137.1 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Standard

March 13, 2012

Invisatread, Anti-slip Solutions, Child safety, slip and fall protection, Pool Safety, Safety Products, Bath Tub Protection, Bathroom Safety

ANSI 137.1 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) STANDARD

After years research, the tile industry has now passed a new standard for measuring and method for testing Dynamic Coefficient of Friction. This new standard is just pending publication in a few weeks.

The standard stipulates the use of the BOT 3000 by Regan Scientific, with a rubber sensor and a slightly soapy solution of .05% Sodium Laurel Sulfate and water.

Historically, many people who specify tile including architects, designers and developers would reference ASTM 1028C and a measurement once referenced by ADA of .60 for horizontal surfaces and .80 for ramps.

This method of testing for friction lacked enthusiasm by many as it was inconsistent in measure, failed to test friction in motion and lacked industry guidance as to whether the .60 / .80 was to be tested wet or dry. A number of years ago the ADA retracted its recommendation of .60.

What is Coefficient of Friction (COF)?

The measurement of resistance to friction as related to the effect of how smooth or rough a surface is to prevent material to “slip” across the surface. COF is measure two forms:

Static COF (SCOF): the force applied to start moving

Dynamic COF (DCOF): force applied when moving

Now, with the use of the BOT 3000 and a standard for testing in ANSI 137.1; Architects, Designers and others can test and choose surfaces for a specific function and verify friction more efficiently and consistently.

For surfaces that would be specified in interior areas that will be walked on when wet, ANSI 137.1 stipulates they should have a DCOF of >.42.

Should an area function require additional friction Architects and designers should specify higher friction where needed. The new ANSI 137.1 does not make any DCOF recommendations for outdoor areas or ramps.

This measure of friction is not enough to just consider a surface slip resistance. Surfaces and area uses should be taken into consideration. Surfaces should be maintained as clean and periodically deep cleaned in order to maintain friction. The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) goes on to state that the DCOF of surfaces over time will change and should be checked periodically to verify they are still functioning by design. Should surfaces lose friction over time, they can be enhanced for friction with slip resistant treatments.

Surface Solution: The InvisaTread® family of products has been formulated to increase the coefficient of friction of most hard surfaces without changing their look or feel.

InvisaTread® Slip Resistant Treatment

InvisaTread® is a mild micro-etching product that lightly and evenly etches the surface creating a more consistent traction pattern across the entire surface. InvisaTread® is not a coating, but rather a safe and effective process that works on most hard mineral surfaces.

Slip Resistance Management

Problem: You need data. Surface COF needs to be tested, adjusted and verified – on an on-going basis.

Surface Solution: In addition to our InvisaTread® family of products which are designed to increase the Coefficient of Friction (COF) of walking surfaces, we also offer a full range of surface assessment, testing and verification services.

How It Works

Our team of experts and traction technicians are able to custom tailor a program for your facility that will focus on a number of solutions to not only help reduce the risks of these accidents and the potential costs associated with them but also offer you detailed reporting and auditing of your walkway surface safety.

  • We will create a custom program of friction testing.
  • Periodic Surface Audits
  • Areas of high or above average “slip risk” will be identified and tested with our BOT-3000 teams.
  • Coefficient of Friction (COF) remediation.
  • Develop a program of increasing COF where needed.
  • Application of slip resistant treatments, coatings or installation of unique surfaces.
  • Design and help implement on-going cleaning, care and maintenance programs.
  • All surface testing will be documented and reported.

Contact our team today to discuss how you can benefit from one of our custom surface testing programs and how InvisaTread® can help you. or 877-880-8453

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Cheetah Pads Free Training Class new Dates

October 20, 2011

Cheetah Pad, Eco Friendly Stone Polishing, EcoPads, EcoStone, earth day, eco stone, Eco-friendly, energy conservation, Environmentally friendly flooring

Free 8 hours training class event

Cheetah Pads Are Being Hailed As

“The Most Important Breakthrough For Stone Restoration In 20 Years”

Hurry, Act Now! Space is extremely limited!

It’s a No-Brainier!



Simply buy one set of 17″ or 20″ Cheetah Pads and we will spend 8 hours teaching you how to MAXIMIZE RESULTS AND PRODUCTIVITY by utilizing the fastest, most innovative, eco-friendly stone restoration system on the planet!

Get all the tips first hand from the inventor and mad-scientist himself, Dana Kothrade! Learn how to save time, save money, and go green! No boring power-points and lengthy classroom lectures!

Hurry, Act Now! Space is extremely limited, Free training class event to be held on NOVEMBER 4th and DECEMBER 9th!!!

FREE Lunch!

FREE Training Manual!

Cheetah Pad, Eco Friendly Stone Polishing, EcoPads, EcoStone, earth day, eco stone, Eco-friendly, energy conservation, Environmentally friendly flooring

Cheetah Pad, Eco Friendly Stone Polishing, EcoPads, EcoStone, earth day, eco stone, Eco-friendly, energy conservation, Environmentally friendly flooring

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Cheetah Pads:

1. Cheetah Pads can reduce your labor costs by as much as 70%

2. Lower your material cost by up to 75% using Cheetah pads and water only! No expensive diamond disks or crystallizers ever needed!

3. 100% eco-friendly! With the Cheetah Pads you never have to worry about using any harsh chemicals around children, pets, and even yourself!

4. Achieve results better than factory finish in half the time!

5. Cheetah Pads make stone restoration easier than ever before. If you can count to 4 you can polish a floor!


Stone Restoration without 20 Years of Experience

The Fastest Stone Restoration System On The Planet!!!

Diamond Pads That Perform Stone Restoration in Half The Time

  • Very easy To Use
  • Up to 70% reduction in labor
  • As much as 75% lower cost
  • Work well on any floor buffer, orbital or planetary machine
  • No heavy duty equipment required
  • Extremely fast cutting
  • No chemicals used, only water
  • No acidic components
  • Extreme concentration of micro abrasives
  • Works incredibly well on ALL Marbles, Travertine, Limestone, Terrazzo and Polished Concrete
  • Chemical free Diamond pads are an Eco Friendly way to achieve a dull hone on Travertine, Marble, or Limestone Floors, countertops or walls.
  • Use on floors walls or countertops with little to no lippage (uneven tiles).
  • Pads remove wear and provide a variety of appearance levels from dull hone (no shine) to highly polished.
  • Safe on all stones and tile, will not damage any stone
  • Professional strength formula.

Environmentally Friendly

Cheetah Pad, Eco Friendly Stone Polishing, EcoPads, EcoStone, earth day, eco stone, Eco-friendly, energy conservation, Environmentally friendly flooring

Made in the U.S.A

Buy now

Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Pads Video’s

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Child Safety Toddler Traction

July 22, 2011

Invisatread, Anti-slip Solutions, Child safety, slip and fall protection, Pool Safety, Safety Products, Bath Tub Protection, Bathroom Safety

Buy now

The toddler years are some of the most exciting and imagination filled years of childhood. Their new found ability to walk is something they sure do not take for granted. Anxious to explore their surroundings, toddlers are quick when it comes to walking, running, and eventually taking over the house! For someone so little, they sure do get into a lot of trouble! From kitchen messes to Crayola masterpieces on your dining room wall, toddlers can do it all. Stop and think for a second about how quick your toddler can create one of those messes. Putting the laundry in the dryer, getting the mail, or simply turning your back can turn into one giant mess.

Did you ever stop to think about what else could happen? As quickly as a child can create a mess, they can find them self in some sort of danger. Inside our comfortable, safe, and in many cases, “baby-proofed,” homes lies a slew of harmful circumstances amongst children.

Did you know that 25, 00 people a day are victims of slip and fall accidents? Something as simple as a puddle on the floor can turn into a serious injury, especially for a tiny toddler. Frolicking around the house or hopping out of the bath tub, a child can slip, fall and be injured within seconds. We at Invisatread know what its like to have a busy household filled with toddlers and chaos. Invisatread is an anti-slip treatment that can protect your home from a harmful, slip and fall accident within a matter of minutes. Surfaces treated with Invisatread gain traction, helping diminish those harmful, wet floor accidents. Invisatread protects your family against slip and fall accidents without harming your surfaces. Invisatread gives parents one less thing to worry about. If you’re looking for less mess, less fall, and fewer “boo-boo’s” – Invisatread’s got you covered.

Statistics shows that slip and fall accidents on the job have an impact in employee productivity as well as cost to the employer. Applying InvisaTread® can help to reduce these risks so you can protect yourself, your business and your bottom line.

Slip & Fall Expense

  • Approximately 25,000 people per day are victims to slip & fall accidents.
  • The average cost of a slip related injury exceeds $12,000 (Wausau Insurance).
  • The average cost to defend a slip and fall lawsuit is $50,000 (NFSI).
  • Plaintiffs win 51% of premises liability claims (JVR). According to the National Safety Council:
  • The nations #2 cause of accidental deaths (after auto accidents).
  • More than 550,000 disabling injuries per year (accounting for 15% of all disabling injuries each year in the workforce).
  • 12-15% of all workers’ compensation claims.
  • 15% of incidental workplace deaths. Workers’ compensation issues.
  • 65% of lost workdays are due to slip & fall accidents (Liberty Mutual).
  • 22% of slip & fall incidents resulted in more than 31 days away from work (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • Compensation and medical costs total approximately $70 billion annually (NSC).
  • The food industry is the leader in employee slip and falls. (Liberty Mutual).

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). national standard states that owners, managers and supervisors must make a commitment to prevent accidental slips, trips and falls and InvisaTread® helps you do just that.

InvisaTread® Also Brings Safety Home.

Many areas of a home including your bathroom can lead to disaster in just moments. If you think you solved your problem with a bath mat – think again. According to recent studies, bath mats have more than 100,000 bacteria per square inch. Now you can safeguard your family against slips and falls while also eliminating bacteria-breeding

bath mats.

Reuters Health reported that slip and fall accidents involving children and teenagers occurred mostly in their bathrooms. “Most of these injuries are from slips and falls that could be avoided simply by making the bathtub, shower surfaces and bathroom floors, less slippery, said Dr. Gary Smith, Director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Columbus, Ohio’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital.”

In 85% of bathtub-related injuries among children younger than five years, adult supervision was present at the time of the incident

Article provide by InvisaTraed

Copyright © 2005-2011

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Make your Backyard safer with Invisa Outdoor

March 25, 2011

Invisatread, Anti-slip Solutions, Child safety, slip and fall protection, Pool Safety, Safety Products, Bath Tub Protection, Bathroom Safety

Avoid Dangerous Slips with InvisaTread® Outdoors. Comply with California Title 24 – Chapter 31b.

Swimming pools can pose serious safety hazards.  Whether in a backyard, or at a public pool, the risk is the same. Combining an area that is constantly wet with a playful environment, the risk of slipping around the pool is usually not the first thing on your mind. How often do we hear parents and lifeguards yell NO RUNNING ON THE DECK!!!!?. The risk of a slip and fall accident around a pool can be decreased. InvisaTread® Outdoors has been formulated to do just that.

In order to help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents around pools, California State has mandated that many areas be built and maintained up to code. California Title 24- Chapter 31b requires that pool areas be “Slip Resistant”. The code states that Slip Resistant areas must have a surface Coefficient of Friction (COF) greater than 0.60. Chapter 31B requires that hard to maintain areas such as depth markers, decks, concrete, ladders, diving boards and pool floors be slip resistant. Areas treated with InvisaTread® Outdoors will maintain increased slip resistance and carry less risk of slip and fall accidents. Most surfaces treated will have COF greater than this mandated .60 measure; however, they will not just be up to code when dry, they will remain up to code when WET. InvisaTread® Outdoors is a simple and safe solution to California Title 24 Chapter 31B. With a quick application, InvisaTread Outdoors can help provide treated areas with the state-required amount of Coefficient Of Friction (COF.) when wet. InvisaTread Outdoors gives you the safety you need within a matter of minutes. InvisaTread® Outdoors is simply peace of mind in a bottle.

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Anti-Slip Solutions to Unveil Invisatread Contractors Tool kit

December 12, 2010

Anti-Slip Solutions, LLC will unveil its InvisaTread®

Invisatread, Anti-slip Solutions, Child safety, slip and fall protection, Pool Safety, Safety Products, Bath Tub Protection, Bathroom Safety

“Contractor’s Toolkit” at the Total Solutions Plus 2010 tile contractors industry conference scheduled Nov. 4 to 6 in Naples, announced Todd Sherman, the firm’s chief executive officer. InvisaTread is a new, safe-to-self-install anti-slip product available through national, regional and local distributors; the low-cost Contractor’s Toolkit has been developed to offer tile and stone professionals an additional, affordable business line.

The annual cost of nuisance claims and legal settlements related to slip falls in the United States exceeds $10 billion annually. This does not account for the loss of productivity or lost opportunity cost. “Homeowners and commercial property owners would readily welcome a service that increases safety and lowers liability,” Sherman said. “Although anti-slip products have been in the marketplace for 25 years, few tile and stone contractors have embraced them as a revenue stream until now.”

Why? According to Sherman, the category of safe-to-self-install anti-slip products has been absent in the marketplace. Opportunities for individual contractors to get involved have been offered through costly franchises, or ventures requiring a large investment in a new business and costly product inventory requirements.

“Anti-Slip Solutions has changed both the chemistry and distribution model for anti-slip technology,” Sherman said. “The development of the InvisaTread product began with the premise that the flooring industry needs a simple after-market solution to address a balance between too little coefficient of friction and too much. InvisaTread has been formulated with both the safety to the installer and the surface in mind.”

InvisaTread increases the coefficient of friction (COF) of most hard-mineral surfaces while preserving their look and feel. The InvisaTread Traction System has been designed as an ongoing program that maintains increased traction for a number of years. And while the products are available to the DIY market, most homeowner and commercial landlords will prefer to engage contractors as surface experts, according to Sherman.

The InvisaTread Contractors Toolkit, at a $75 suggested retail price, includes over $50 in product and provides a training and certification program to ensure that tile and stone professionals have the skills and tools needed to sell the program, safely install the product, and provide guidance to their customers for ongoing traction management. The Kit includes product samples, surface spec sheets, marketing and demo tools, and, more importantly, support from distributors and Anti-Slip Solutions customer support line.

Early enthusiasm for InvisaTread® illustrates how hungry tile and stone contractors are for opportunities to expand their income-producing activities, Sherman noted. “We have met with hundreds of contractors, and they are excited about the opportunity to incorporate our product as a ‘buy-as-you-go’ add-on for their businesses,” he said. “The kit, itself, can produce thousands of dollars in revenues, not to mention a long-term opportunity for contractors to grow their revenue streams by connecting with both new and existing clients.”

Visit Anti-Slip Solutions at Total Solutions Plus 2010. The National Tile Contractors Association, the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association and the Tile Council of North America are sponsoring the conference and tabletop display event at the Naples Grand Beach Resort.

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New Product Introduction Flexible Hair trap

October 14, 2010

New Product Introduction: Flexible Hair trap

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We have recently added a much requested Hair Trap to all of our drain products. The Ebbe Square Shower Drain is now the only Shower Drain available anywhere in the world that actually includes a Hair Trap. Imagine all those shower drains getting clogged with hair this very minute. Now imagine all the effort that will soon be needed to clean them! Get out the screwdriver! Ugh!! Consider how thoughtful it is of ebbe to provide sensible a solution!

The second most common reason for taking a shower is to wash your hair. It’s only natural to expect that when washing your hair, some hair will shed. It can’t be stopped and the longer the hair the more often a shower drain gets clogged. When that shower drain gets clogged, it’s always been time send out a call for help, or get a screwdriver and do the dirty job yourself.

Ebbe now makes that unpleasant task a breeze. The ebbe Hair Trap is a much welcomed new design that has these important features.

o Fits all ebbe E4400 Risers

o Not visible from the top surface of the drain.

o Easily accessible from inside the shower

o Hair removes easily from the trap. No snags!

o Inexpensive enough to simply thrown away each time

o Allows water to drain even when full of hair

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Dont slip use anti-slip additive

July 26, 2010

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In case, you have kids at home, who play inside the house, keep running here and there, may fall down while playing and injure themselves. Sometimes these injuries can be serious; hence it is advisable that one must take adequate measures to avoid such unpleasant situations. An effective way of eliminating risk of slipping and falling is to improve the safety of the floor surface to avoid it. Using anti slip additive is an excellent choice, as it not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of the place but is also highly durable, which will last for years. Hence, one can safely walk or run on the floor, without any risk of slipping and getting injured.

These are increasingly being used in offices and commercial buildings as well. The ‘American with Disabilities Act’ requires that floors, in all public, municipal and commercial buildings, have 0.60 co-efficient of friction to considered safe to walk on. In case the floors are slippery and someone gets injured on your premises then you will be held liable for his injuries caused due to your negligence. This can incur heavy expenses for not abiding by the law, especially if you do not have adequate insurance coverage. However one simple step, using anti slip additive, can help you avoid all these inconvenience and make your place safe for everyone.

Depending upon your requirements and budget you can choose amongst several anti slip additives that are available in the market, however one must wisely select the product which is effective and durable. There are environment friendly anti slip additive solutions as well, which increases the coefficient of friction by creating microscopic tread on different types of natural flooring, such as marble, smooth concrete, travertine as well as ceramic and quarry tile, among others.

Applying anti slip additive may seem to be a daunting task, but it isn’t. A do-it-yourself enthusiast can easily accomplish this task without much trouble or any professional guidance. A word of caution, before you apply the anti slip additive on any surface, apply it to a small portion and see for any side-effects, after treatment. Generally, these additives are not used on metals, wood, fiberglass and any resin type products.

First clean the surface, remove any sealers or waxes on the floor and then apply the additive to the clean surface. After applying, agitate until foaming with the help of sponge or brush and then leave it for five to ten minutes. Repeat this process and in between agitations, check for resistance by pressing and pushing forward with your finger tips and in case there is no resistance repeat the process again. The processing time differs from one floor type to another, for marble the process time is less as compared to porcelain which has a longer processing time. Once there is optimum resistance, immediately rinse the surface with clean water and you can walk freely on the surface without slipping or falling.

Hence, these additives are easy, safe, environment-friendly and affordable way of making the floor anti slip, along with maintaining the aesthetic look of the place.

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The Flooring Supply Shop and Compotite Are Joining Forces

July 13, 2010

The Flooring Supply Shop and Compotite Are Joining Forces

The Flooring Supply Shop’s Newest Supplier is an Innovator in The Shower Business

Atlanta, GA-July 12, 2010- The Flooring Supply Shop is excited to announce it’s partnership with Compotite.

The Flooring Supply Shop is known for its savvy research team that chooses only the best products on the market to distribute. After doing their homework, they have chosen to add Compotite to their list of distinguished suppliers.  Compotite is an innovator in the shower-building industry.  They were the first to create a waterproofing substitute for lead shower pans, way back in 1938.  As times have changed, so has Compotite.  They now offer a number of top-notch products for your shower construction needs including:

Composeal-A membrane made from PVC resin that is strong, waterproof, and resistant to punctures, chemicals, and mildew.  It meets or exceeds the standards for all three plumbing codes.

Composeal Gold-The industry’s first heat fused 3-ply membrane. Gives unsurpassed double-protection against common shrinkage cracks found in residential and commercial construction, and prevents water damage and moisture migration.

Composeal White Gold-This product controls sound transmission in tile flooring and prevents substrate cracks and moisture.

Composeal Sky Blue- One of Compotite’s newest products.  It protects countertops, sub-flooring, framing, and rafters from moisture and mold growth.

These and other great Compotite products will be available both individually, and as part of our shower system kits.  We look forward to our partnership with Compotite and a bright future together.

About The Flooring Supply Shop

The Flooring Supply Shop is the online presence for the International Flooring Center in Los Angeles, CA.  The International Flooring Center has been providing a broad selection of Tile, Tools, Setting Material, equipment and accessories to contractors and DIY homeowners for over 18 years.  For more information, stop by

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Rules to Success in Business

April 5, 2010

Rules to Success in Business

1. Carefully examine every detail of the business.

2. Be prompt.

3. Take time to consider and then decide quickly.

4. Dare to go forward.

5. Bear your trouble patiently.

6. Maintain your integrity as a sacred thing.

7. Never tell business lies.

8. Make no useless acquaintances.

9. Never try to appear something more than you are.

10. Pay your debts promptly.

11. Learn how to risk your money at the right time.

12. Shun strong liquor.

13. Employ your time well.

14. Do not reckon on chance.

15. Be polite to everyone.

16. Never be discouraged.

17. Work hard and you will succeed.

18. Count the money 🙂

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Happy Passover and Happy Easter

March 28, 2010

The first night of Passover is Monday evening March 29th, until the following night on March 30th. Easter is on Sunday, April 4th.

Easter is the only Christian holiday whose date is fixed by the lunar calendar (like all Jewish and Muslim holidays), therefore it’s always falls near Passover.  The name for Easter in Greek, paska, literally means Passover.

I would like to take this opportunity and wish all my Christian and Jewish customers and friends Happy Easter and Happy Passover.

And for those non Jewish or Christian, have a good long weekend LOL!!

The Team

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New Contractor Locator Is a Win-Win For Both The Customer and Contractor

March 21, 2010

Free Service From The Flooring Supply Shop Matches Customers With The Contractors They Need

The Flooring Supply Shop recognizes that too often when a customer purchases a new product, they either lack the time or skill to install it on their own. The problem has always been finding a contractor the customer could trust. That problem has been eliminated with the contractor locator service now being offered at the Flooring Supply Shop. Customers can search by zip code and distance from their home to find just the right contractor for their home improvement project. Contractors can sign up to be part of the listing by going to:

The best part about the service is its price…FREE! There is no “finders” fee for the customer, nor any registration costs or fees to the contractor. Contractors can actually receive a reward of up to $500 dollars for successful completion of a contracted job. This new service is one of the many ways The Flooring Supply Shop puts the needs of its customers first and shows dedication to the top contractors throughout the United States.

About The Flooring Supply Shop is a seamless, totally integrated, interface to back-end customer service, inventory, and order processing departments. At you get the convenience of 24/7 online ordering and customer service. Since 1986, and International Flooring Center, Inc. have been providing a broad selection of Tile, Tools, Setting Material, equipment and accessories. They ship directly to contractors, and DIY homeowners.And provide outstanding service. For more information, visit them today at

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