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Ready to Tile Seats and Shelves

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PreFormed™ Ready to Tile Shower Seats and Shelves

PreFormed Ready To Tile Shower Seats, which are light in weight, can be easily installed. Installation of these seats does not require framing. Moreover, these seats do not contain wood or cellulose; therefore, there is nothing that rots. Made of high-density material, PreFormed Ready To Tile Shower Seats are waterproof and ready-to-tile. Besides, these durable seats are suitable for custom tile application.

Waterproof... Rot Proof... Worry Free... The difference is Clear

Lightweight and easy installation are just two of the advantages of installing PreFormed™ Shower Seats. Framing is not needed.
Easy to integrate into your custom tile application, beauty and durability are the best reasons for starting with a PreFormed™ Shower Seat.

U.S.A made Better-Bench® is an easy to install bench-forming system that is much more efficient than the complicated methods used by other similar products. This fully independent supporting unit is time-saving as it can be mounted efficiently and quickly on most of the vertical surfaces. Earlier, installation of such systems used to take months, but now it can be done within an hour or two. Some of the attributes of this system are:

  • Safe: With 100 lb load capacity on the better tray (BT-17) and 400 lb load capacity on all bench products, this system is safe to use.
  • Flexible: It can be installed before or after the application of tile on all the vertical surfaces.
  • Simple: One piece, self-supporting frame, with supplied fasteners, can be easily installed. Furthermore, no additional waterproofing or structural reinforcement is needed.
  • Adaptable: It is suitable for wet as well as dry locations and can be mounted over any U.B.C. approved substrate material.
  • Quick: It can be mounted within minutes. One can place tile and the mortar mix of sand and cement as per requirement.
  • Durable: Long-lasting and corrosion resistant material make it durable.

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