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Tile Edge Trim
In stock - Ship Same Day The Flooring Supply Shop has a wide variety of shower tile trim, seals and edging from Homelux, one of the best in the business. Trims, seals and edging are ideal for installation in all types of kitchens or bathrooms. These are available in various colors, finishes, depths and lengths. Made using high-density metal, these are high in terms of quality and durable. These are used for both functional and decorative purposes and complement the interiors. Tile Trims are essential while tiling as these provide to protection to the tiles from getting chipped or damaged. The trims are used for giving an edge to a tiled area or are used as a border in between tiles. These provide perfect solution to baths and showers, and kitchens. The trims are made using stainless steel or metal chrome, which impart finish and durability. Moreover, these are made available in a standard size of 6' x 1.5”. These trims can also be used as an attractive metal border in between tiles. Another alternative to ceramic borders is the Listellos that are decorative strips with hydro & glass effect. Water bubble and glass effect gives a unique and completely different look to the tiles. These innovative Listellos are available in blue and green colors in a standard size of 6' x 3/8". Along with these, Metal Tile Trim Naturals are also offered in polished silver and gold effect. These shower tile trims are available in various sizes and color effects, and provide solutions to baths and showers. Ultra Seal and Flexible Self-Adhesive Seals are used to cover up unsightly sealants either behind bath, shower tray or vanity unit. Tiles and seals are used for installation both during and after tiling. More Information About Homelux  
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