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Tile Edge Trim

Flooring Supply Shop carries a variety of shower tile edge trim, seals, and edging manufactured by Homelux, one of the best in the business. Trims, seals, and edging are ideally used for installation in all kitchens or bathrooms tile trim. 

You may conveniently select from various colors, finishes, depths, and lengths, whichever preference you may have. These aluminum tile edge trims are carefully made using high-density metal for a better-looking and long-lasting tile finish.

Is Metal Tile Edging Necessary?

Tile installations are not complete without a tile trim. Not only does it provide a more pleasant finish, but it is also necessary to keep your tiles from future damage that will cost you even more headaches in the long run. It creates smooth transitions and protects the edges of your tiles, making it a crucial part of every tile installation project.

Advantages of Using Metal Tile Trim

Suppose you plan to use metal tile trim for your next tiling project. Here are some benefits you'll get for using metal tile trim.

Functionality: Metal tile trims are an essential part of tiling that is utilized to provide protection towards your tile edges and prevent them from getting chipped or damaged. It serves as a border edge between your tiles.

Aesthetic Appearance: Tiled areas look a lot better when it's topped off with elegant metal tile edging. It compliments your surroundings whether you'll be using it for a bath, shower, or kitchen. Homelux's aluminum tile trim will enhance the appearance tiled area and give it a better-looking finish.

Low Maintenance: Metal edge trim are better at preventing corrosion and damage than other alternatives. Periodic cleaning through polishing should be more than enough to prevent oxidation.

Built to Last: Aside from preventing unnecessary damage to your tiles, metal trim for tiles also are built to last. Aluminum is also ideally used for damp areas like the kitchen and bathroom since it is highly resistant to corrosion.

Choosing the Best Tile Trim

Before selecting which tile trim you'll be using for your tile installation project, it's helpful to know some factors you need to consider to find which tile trim is most suitable for you.

Tile Trim Material: Tile trims are available in various materials including metal, plastic, stone, or ceramic. Each has its advantages and disadvantages that you can evaluate before installation.

Tile Trim Size: One of the most common mistakes people make is forgetting to measure the depth of your tiles before making a tile trim edge purchase. Make sure that your chosen tile trim size is appropriate to the requirements of your tile installation.

Where to Buy Tile Edge Trim?

Flooring Supply Shop aims to provide you with only the best products we know that are built with the customer's needs in mind. Here, we carry a variety of Tile Edge Trim available in standard sizes of 6' x 1.5". These tile trims manufactured by Homelux will certainly accentuate both the appearance and functionality of your tiled areas.

Tile Edge Trims at Flooring Supply Shop are available in various sizes and color effects to provide solutions to your bathroom, shower, or kitchen projects. Conveniently browse through our high-quality tile edge trim selections and select which one is most suitable for you. Check them out today here at Flooring Supply Shop!


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