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Ready to Tile Curbs and More

Ready to Tile Curbs Slope and More

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PreFormed Curbs are simple and easy to install for PVC pan liners or hot-tarred and leaded-in waterproof membranes. These curbs are watertight and durable, and are available in unique designs. PreFormed Curbs are versatile and can be used for knee walls and countertop edges. Made using quality material, these curbs are fully waterproof and resistant to rot or degradation.

These are quick and easy to install and tile in the same day and do not require any kind of installation training. Available in various sizes ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet long, these curbs are light weight and easy to handle. Moreover, these are sloped in compliance with industry standards.

PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Slopes is installed & handled with ease and are made in standard dimension of 24” x 23”. Available in specified 1/4” slope fill, these shower slopes ensure proper slope and mortar bed drainage. Along with these, Schluter Rema is also offered that is used to create concealed access panels in wall coverings. The set of 4 magnets and 4 mounting plates, Schluter Rema can be applied regardless of tile size and thickness.

TI-ProBoard are waterproof boards that form a solid tiled surface to new or existing floors. These are a kind of structural material that protect the tile and are positioned over plywood. A fully loaded waterproof board is also available, which is 8lbs of weight per square foot. These are available in various colors, styles and designs for elegant indoor and outdoor living space.

TI-ProBoard Installation Instruction - Ready to Tile shower Curb - Ready to Tile Shower floor Slope

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