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Make your shower your own spa

March 23, 2010


spa themed shower bathroom

Don’t you look forward to a splendid bath everyday to rejuvenate yourself completely? Now you can make your shower truly special with the help of bathroom accessories. These accessories will customize your bathroom and help you enjoy a marvelous experience. The Preformed ready to tile shower pans prove to be a very useful addition to your bathroom as they keep the floors dry and ensures proper drainage of waste water.

Modern day shower pans are ergonomically designed to easily fit into your bathroom. These shower pans are manufactured from high density expanded polystyrene with a concrete backer board, fiberglass mesh and a liquid waterproof membrane finish. The entire drain assembly is already installed into the shower pan. The shower pans are 100% water proof and ready to tile. The fiberglass shower pans are lighter than comparable fiberglass or plastic models which makes them suitable for your bathroom. The drain is built-in and adjustable for your chosen tile thickness which makes installation very easy.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

The ready to tile shower pans include the square shower drains which are free from screws and are available in various colors. The absence of screws means that these drains can be easily lifted to retrieve precious items like rings which may have accidentally fallen in.  Moreover, using screw drivers can seriously dent the finish of the surface of your drain and scratch it. The square shower drains come with a grade puller which helps in pulling the square pan easily. These pans are a completely revolutionary product which will make your bathroom truly special.

The shower pans are 100% waterproof and completely insulated from rot or degradation. Some pans require using an epoxy setting material.  For best results you should always choose pans that a use a modified thin setting material.  Our ready to tile shower pans can be set up in minutes, which is a welcome break from traditional pans that take much longer to install.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

The preformed, ready to tile shower pans are the perfect solution as far as the challenges of the modern shower system are concerned.  These pans can be easily installed in your shower and provide a suitable outlet for waste water. The shower pans will blend perfectly with the overall design of your bathroom and create a truly marvelous effect.  The pans will ensure that your bathroom presents a clean and dry look. Made from environmental friendly products the shower pans are free from any hazards and ensure that they have a minimal impact on the environment.   The 30-year warranty on these products offers further proof of their unmatched quality.

The preformed shower pans can also play an important role in preserving the environment. With the development of technology the waste water running down from your washing machine or shower can be reused for irrigation purposes.  This reduces the strain on the depleting resources of water. Refereed as ‘Grey Water’, it is  an idea which will help you contribute to the environment in a truly unique manner. The preformed shower pans can prove to be very helpful in this endeavor as they offer an effective channel for water drainage and ensure that water is not wasted. Their unique design makes them perfect for this purpose and ensures that you can contribute to the environment in a positive manner.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

You can further accentuate the beauty of your shower with the help of the latest shower accessories.  Accessories like shower benches and shelves create a lot of additional space in your bathroom and help you to enjoy a wonderful experience.  A professional installer will ensure that all your bathroom accessories are fitted according to the latest specifications.  The accessories can illuminate your bathroom and are simply perfect for your shower.  Choosing the right kind of accessories will make your bathroom special and help you recharge your batteries with a warm aromatic oil shower.

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