How To Remodel Your Bathroom With Aging In Place Features In Mind

December 23, 2020

Bathrrom Vanity

The concept of aging in place isn’t new, but it is gaining steam in today’s world. Nursing homes can be lonely and expensive. With more people opting out of nursing homes than ever before, aging in place has become the standard for elderly citizens.

Whether you’re housing an elderly family or you yourself are looking to age comfortably in the peace of your own home, there are features you’ll need to keep you safe. Old age typically comes with a decrease in balance as well as other functions that you use to avoid injury on a daily basis.

This means you need extra support and stability in the form of aging-in-place features. In case you’re interested in aging in place, here are some bathroom features you should incorporate.

  1. A Non-Slip Floor

Bathroom floors can get pretty slippery. Slips lead to falls and falls lead to injury, so having a non-slip floor is essential. Both cork and rubber make excellent choices for flooring that won’t become slippery, even when wet.

They also have some give to them and won’t result in bruising should you or a loved one hit the deck. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate floor drainage as well, especially if you have a wet bathroom.

  1. Touchless Faucets

Bathrrom Round Sink

No longer just a staple of public restrooms, touchless faucets allow you to turn your sinks on and off without reaching all the way to the back of your counter to grab a handle or knob. They lessen the likelihood of a muscle strain or fall occurring, and they are easier on the small joints of the hands and fingers too.

  1. Curved Countertops

Bathrrom Bathtub

Countertop edges take the lives of many elderly people each year. These edges tend to be hard and pointy, which spells disaster for a vulnerable citizen who might stumble or slip into one. If you want a bathroom fit for aging in place, you need curved, smooth countertop edges.

You might also consider fitting some specialized padding around the edges of your bathroom countertops for extra protection. It might seem insignificant but it can quite literally mean the difference between life and death in many cases.

  1. High Toilets

Many elderly folks have weak or compromised knees, which makes squatting down onto a normal toilet a painful and potentially dangerous experience. Raise your toilets up to the point where you don’t need to put undue pressure on your knees when sitting down.

You should also have at least two handrails in your bathroom. One for support getting in and out of the shower and one for getting up and down on the toilet.

Make Your Bathroom Nearly Injury-Proof with these Safety Features

The bathroom is one of the deadliest rooms in any house, so implement non-slip flooring, curved countertop edges with padding, touchless faucets, and high toilets. Doing so will allow you to rest easier at night knowing your bathroom won’t be the cause of injury to yourself or someone you love.

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5 easy tips to de-clutter your home

March 19, 2020


You’ve just moved into your new home and everything’s looking great, except the mounds of stuff you thought you’d have room for, now beginning to pile up in your closet. Where do you put it all? Here are our 5 easy tips for de-cluttering your home.

Schedule a de-cluttering weekend

Working all day leaves little time or motivation to start tidying the house. So to avoid putting this annoying task off a minute longer, schedule a date in your diary. And if you can, get family and friends involved too. The more hands, the easier the work.

Organize first, buy second

The worst thing you can do is to go out and buy a ton of storage boxes before deciding what’s staying and what you are throwing out. Once everything has been sorted through, buy a few containers, and if that’s not enough, you can buy more. Otherwise, those empty containers will take up the space you wanted to make in the first place.

Give away one item each day

It’s always hard throwing out things you have become accustomed to over the years, but giving away things gradually, whether it be to family, friends, or thrift stores, makes the process that much easier.

Fill one trash bag

If you want a tidy, spacious home, you’re going to have to be ruthless. The easiest method is to grab a large trash bag and see how quickly you can fill it. It’s a great de-cluttering trick and the best place to start.

Three-year rule

Sure, those old roller skates may come in handy for the future, but when is the last time you picked them up and dusted them off? A good rule for de-cluttering your home is: ‘If you haven’t used it in three years, chuck it’. Whether it’s clothing, kitchen gadgetry, gardening tools. If you’re not using it regularly, it isn’t worthy of your space.

Don’t know where to start? How about the bathroom? Check out our great range of storage accessories on our website.






4 ways to ‘hotel-ify’ your bathroom

March 17, 2020


Whether you’ve installed a new shower, new flooring or tiling, if you’re giving your bathroom the makeover it deserves, why stop there? To really give your space that ‘wow’ factor, we’ve put together a few tips.

Comfort and warmth

Nothing says hotel comfort quite like a white fluffy towel. Invest in an Electric Towel Warmer to keep you warm from the moment you step out of the shower. And don’t forget to leave your oversize robe and slippers within reach.

Warmup Towel Warmer Chelsea

Clear surfaces and no clutter

Your bathroom should be a place for rest and relaxation, so in the case of clutter, it’s better out of sight, out of mind. Think about installing hidden storage and cabinets where possible, and purchase glass jars or colorful pots for items like cotton buds and pads.

Scents to set the mood

If you choose to put flowers in your bathroom, place two or three stems in a small vase. It’s important not to go overboard and remember that clutter will add stress to a room. Alternatively, you can opt for scented oils such as rosemary and lavender, which are said to have calming qualities.

Calm and relaxation

When choosing your color scheme, it’s best to stay as neutral as possible, sticking to whites and beige’s. If you’ve already decorated and you’ve gone for slightly darker or louder colors, keep bathroom accessories to a minimum. With a dark room, candles are also a nice touch.


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What do you use for the sub-level? A guide to basement flooring

August 25, 2017

What do you use for the sub-level? A guide to basement flooring

Flooring usually goes by some rules but when it comes to basement flooring, most of those rules are thrown out of the windows. The reason for this is that basements usually are subject to completely new environmental threats. Even in spaces were weather isn’t an enemy, at least not in the usually way, basements can produce a rather moist environment where certain floors don’t prosper.

So what should be done in this situation? That’s what we’re here to help you with, as we will go over the fundamentals of basement flooring so that you have a better idea of what you should use for your own instance for example. Of course, each individual might have unique circumstances which would make the entire operation more complex for them. For example if you have a basement heating oil tank, you might have to consider other flooring options simply because of the potential leaking and whatnot. Although the best course of action in such a scenario would be to call some oil tank experts and maybe tway lifting to help you get it out so you can enjoy your basement properly.

What is the grade and what does it mean to be below or above it?

You might be confused if you talk to a constructor and they start talking about below grade or above grade materials. They are not referring to material quality and they aren’t suggestion that you should invest in cheaper or more expensive supplies. They are simply stating whether or not the material in question is designed for below or above ground level.
The former category isn’t safe from water vapors and similar threats whereas the latter, above ground level category can withstand such dangers.

Understanding the necessities of basement flooring

When you’re talking about below grade materials for your basement you have to abide by a different rule set if you’re going to get a long lasting job done. It’s important to keep these things in mind when proceeding with the flooring of your basement or otherwise you will most likely have to revisit it in the not so distant future.

Flooring Supply Shop

Look for the hardest materials

The hardest materials prosper best in environments such as the basement. Tile will always outperform carpeting for the basement, but there are also other options out there such as concrete. It also depends on what your design or style plan may suggest, so that it’s not just efficient but also in tune with everything else in the basement.

What happens when there’s a flood?

Flooding is one of the permanent concerns that you will face regarding your basement, regardless of your flooring option. Yes, flooring helps one way or another but it won’t stop actual flooding from happening in the eventuality of there being one. When it comes to flooring, ceramics are great because they dry out in the eventuality of a flood.

You ca also go for a laminate or wood approach but this implies a while other cause and effect. It is possible to install laminate flooring in the basement with the help of a foam underlayment, so if you really aren’t a fan of tiles or plain concrete, you can do that too.

Flooring your basement remains a tricky job simply because of how many things you have to keep in mind at the same time. However, it is far from impossible to pull off. It is however very important that you do it right the first time so you don’t have to come back and revisit the project every so often.

Upscale Bathroom Accessories Idea

November 6, 2016

bаthrооm accessories

The bathroom is more than a place to have a bath. Besides its basics usages, it is a place of solace where one can spend time alone and peacefully. Many of us utilize it for relaxing and quiet contemplation, others for generating business ideas.

Other than the major bathroom products like the shower enclosure, bathtub or wash-basin, the petite bathroom accessories augment the décor of the bathroom and make it the perfect place to unwind. let us look at how you can rightly co-ordinate your bathroom with bathroom accessories.

Bathroom accessories should always match the interior and theme of the bathroom. If the setting of the bathroom is urbane and contemporary, it is best to opt for modern bathroom accessories. Bathroom fittings available in chrome finish provide suave and smart look to a bathroom. In contrast, if a bathroom theme is country-style, ceramic-based bathroom accessories would work well.

Before, purchasing any accessories it is important to make a list of items that are necessary accordingly to individual style. Practical decisions always result in improved functionality and better utilization of space. To begin with, few basic accompaniments like towel rings, soap dish, toilet paper holder, and robe hооks are a necessity. In addition, luxury item like mats, vanity sinks, tumbler holder and special cabinets for storing toiletries should be purchased only if the space in the bathroom permits and they satisfy individual lifestyle needs. Bathrooms that are overloaded with accessories not only look cramped but also do not allow optimum utilization of this item

Keeping in mind the space constraint, shape, size and color play important role in coordinating your bathroom with bathroom accessories. It increases functionality and space utilization. For small size bathroom, a soap basket would be idle instead of multiple soap dishes. Similarly, size of cabinets, towel bars and robe hooks should be decided upon necessity and size. Several of these bathroom items are available in various shapes that use less space and fit snugly onto the walls or in some corner of a bathroom.

bаthrооm ассеѕѕоriеѕ

Lastly, color is another important aspect to consider while coordinating bathroom with bathroom accessories. It is important to choose mute or subtle colors for accessories. If the color of the walls and fittings is bright. This will make it look pleasing than busy and loud. If color of the walls and fitting is vivid, various vibrant shades of similar or contrast color accessories will enhance the appearance of the bathroom.

Decorate your bathroom to reflect your personality. If you are a fun-loving, colorful individual, you can decorate your bathroom with a lively, bright chrome towel rack, colorful laundry basket, or shower curtain. If you are a more calm or soothing person you might prefer softer colored accessories. Whatever color scheme you choose, make sure that it reflects your personality so that you feel at ease whenever you visit your bathroom.

Finding upscale bathroom accessories

Decorating your bathroom does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can find inexpensive high end bath accessories to decorate your bath quite easily if you look around and have an open mind.

Your bathroom accessories can be extravagant yet inexpensive to create the perfect look and feel for your bathroom. Be creative when choosing bathroom accessories; with a bit of imagination you can design a stunning bathroom.

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Creating a true spa experience with LED lighted shower drains

June 30, 2016


Imagine having chromotherapy sessions in your own home with every shower. That is what the Royal Drain water activated LED lights drains system offers. As the water runs through the drains colorful lights come on creating an atmosphere for relaxation and opulence.

The water activated LED Illumination is available for both standard and custom shower channels. The system is based on simple battery powered circuit that gets triggered by water. When the water stops running the illumination switches off. Allowing a daily showering duration of 15 minutes, batteries can last for approximately three months.


The shower drain lights are available in green, blue, red and multicolor. Each of the light colors can trigger different moods or states of mind, according to chromotherapy specialists. Red, for instance, brings warmth, energy and stimulation; green inspires balance and harmony and possesses a soothing influence upon both mind and body; blue is cooling, electric, astringent. The multicolor option offers a mix of all the colors in the spectrum.

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Opting for DIY Home Improvement

February 18, 2013

More and More People Opting for DIY Home Improvement

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Each one of us wants a prefect abode but delay our home improvement plans as the cost incurred is too high. Spending $50,000 just to remodel a kitchen does not seem to be a good move when your old kitchen furnishing is doing just fine. Moreover, these home repair & renovation jobs are quite expensive and hiring a professional contractor further adds to the costs. However these days, you do not have to spend so much to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, especially if you are ready to put in some effort yourself. Do-It-Yourself or DIY task will allow you to save significant amount of money as you do not have to pay any professional for the job.

Do it Yourself Center, DIY, ready to tile shower pan, Linear Drains, shower drain, shower shelves, electric floor heating, radiant floor heating, under floor heating, stainless steel tiles, shower recessed shelves, custom shower pans, shower waterproofing, bathroom accessories

In order to improve your home you can paint the walls, update fixtures, or install energy saving solar panels, insulation or even flooring. Any of these will do wonders to improve the aesthetics of your home and increase its value. Installing floors is a great option to give a delightful visual effect to your abode. Further, tiling, grouting, carpentering are also other options for floor improvement.

Quartz by aco, Shower Channels, Linear Drain, linear shower channel, shower channel drain, Quick Drain, square drain, rectangle drains, floor grilles, shower grates, Quick Drain

Availability of highly effective do-it-yourself or DIY kits present in the market have made it all the more easy for homeowners to renovate their homes rather than seeking professional help. Homeowners who availed the services of expert professionals in the past are also opting for DIY home improvements nowadays. The reason for the surge of user-friendly DIY home improvement kits is that these are easy to use and come with detailed procedure description that allows even first time DIY enthusiasts to complete the task with ease.

Contractor Directory, Remodeling Contractor, contractor, subcontractors, contractors directory, construction directory

This trend got tremendous boost due to easy availability of various government grants and refinance options. These finance options allow people to spend their savings on enhancing the look of their homes and get financial incentives that help in offsetting some of the cost incurred on the task.

Performing the DIY tasks is convenient, provided you have patience, skill and adequate tools to complete the task. One of the simplest DIY tasks is installing new floor as it can drastically change the overall look of the house. For installing new floor, you need to choose from the different flooring options available. Tile vinyl, laminate floor and epoxy are few alternatives that can be installed in no time. After you have decided what flooring option you want to install, you need to ensure that all the tools are working properly and have all other essential things that is required for doing the task. While installing new floor or doing any other task, make sure you follow all the instructions carefully, along with following safety tips.

Contractor Directory, Remodeling Contractor, contractor, subcontractors, contractors directory, construction directory

Doing task on your own and seeing the outcome, you realize that all the effort was worth as it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as increase its value. Moreover, opting for DIY home improvement helps save substantial amount of money as well as avoids dealing with annoying professionals. Furthermore, you gain immense satisfaction on seeing how all your efforts have improved the appearance of your home. Owing to all these factors, more and more people are opting for DIY home improvement.

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Stainless Steel Fixtures for Your Bathroom

March 6, 2012

bathroom accessories, Corners shelves, Towel Bars, Tooth Brush Holder, shower recess, niches, ready to tile recess, shower seats

When people think of remodeling their bathroom, they need to a wise decision regarding fixtures as it can alter the entire look of the room. Generally, a bathroom has sink and bathtub, which does not add to the style of the room; however with the help of elegant and stylish fixtures one can add to the aesthetic look. While choosing the fixtures, one needs to keep various things in perspective, such as finish, function, design, and installation. Certain changes to the fixtures can give bathroom a whole new look, without any need of changing or replacing every installation. Among the various options available in the market, stainless steel bathroom fixtures have become quite popular among homeowners.

Stainless steel fixtures can breathe new life into any bathroom by giving it a contemporary look. These fixtures are simple and stylish, which blend beautifully with any kind of decor. It especially looks great with traditional decor, amalgamating best of both. Lending a modern look to the room, these are strong and durable, particularly those with seamless welding and one piece construction. The heavy gauge stainless steel metal fixtures do not tarnish, spot or chip easily; instead these are moisture and heat resistant.

Ebbe shower drain, square shower drain, Ebbe drain, Quartz by aco, Shower Channels, Linear Drain, linear shower channel, shower channel drain, Quick Drain, square drain, rectangle drains, floor grilles, shower grates, Quick Drain

In case you are planning to renew your bathroom, you should choose amongst the various stainless steel fixtures available in the market. You can select stainless steel sink, countertops, bathtubs, faucets, shower-heads Quartz Linear drains, Ebbe Square drains, Shampoo baskets and many more. Additionally, you can also go for stainless steel door hook, towel bar, door knobs, and trash to remodel your bathroom. It is important to wisely choose amongst these fixtures because using just stainless steel fixtures in the bathroom can be overwhelming. If you use a stainless steel tub with a porcelain sink, then it may look a little weird. Hence, it is important to appropriately select the bathroom fixtures so that it adds to the look of the place, rather than making it unappealing.

Ebbe shower drain, square shower drain, Ebbe drain, Quartz by aco, Shower Channels, Linear Drain, linear shower channel, shower channel drain, Quick Drain, square drain, rectangle drains, floor grilles, shower grates, Quick Drain

Though these do not require much maintenance, over time, these bathroom fixtures tend to attract dust and scum that leave the bathroom in an unsightly mess. This can readily be dealt with the help of cleaning products, which are easily available in the market. Besides cleaners, there are home remedies that are also effective in cleaning stainless steel fixtures. For example, one can spray club soda on the fixtures and wipe it clean with the help of cloth or sponge. However, one must ensure not to use SOS pads as these are made of steel wool that can leave scratch on the surface of the fixtures or remove the finish. Some people may argue that these fixtures are expensive, but they do not realize that it is a smart investment; not only is it aesthetically appealing but also durable, strong, and long lasting.

bathroom accessories, Corners shelves, Towel Bars, Tooth Brush Holder, shower recess, niches, ready to tile recess, shower seats

Hence, if you plan to make your bathroom look sleek and appealing, stainless steel fixtures must be your foremost choice. These fixtures can even make a bland and normal white bathroom look more attractive. However, striking a balance and not going overboard is essential in remodeling your bathroom with these fixtures.

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Things to Consider for Remodeling Your Bathroom

July 28, 2011

Bathroom remodeling, bathroom accessories, Ready to tile shower pan, Shower remodeling, shower recess, niches, ready to tile recess, shower seats

Bathroom, is the most integral part of every home, and thus, you should give due importance to its remodeling. Bathrooms can be redefined with new colors, designs, looks and styles. These days, you can find a number of themes for bathrooms, which are especially designed to address the contemporary demands of the people.

People pay special attention while getting their bathrooms constructed and make sure that their aesthetic and luxurious appeal is enhanced. On the other hand, when it comes to offices or work places, bathrooms are designed in such a way that they present a contemporary look. The designing, colors, accessories, fittings and themes incorporated in the bathroom depends on the space available and the budget.

There are lot of areas where one should focus on while going for a bathroom remodeling. Right from cabinets, fixtures and hardware to mirror, flooring, tub, shower and lighting, every aspect of the bathroom is equally important and needs to be highlighted accordingly.

Bathroom remodeling, bathroom accessories, Ready to tile shower pan, Shower remodeling, shower recess, niches, ready to tile recess, shower seats

The first thing that comes into notice in any bathroom is the cabinet. Any change made in the cabinets transforms the entire interior of the bathroom. For giving an illusion of space in the bathroom, you should go in for subtle colors like beige and mauve. You can also go in for cabinets in themes like rain forest and ocean blue.

Fixtures are the next important things which require a conscious decision before getting a bathroom remodeled. Faucets and sinks should be selected in synchronization with the style of cabinetry and the overall décor of the bathroom. One can go for trendy styles or can stick to the old elegant & sophisticated look.

Hardware that one wants to use inside the bathroom should be cautiously selected as these enhance or deteriorate the overall appeal of the bathroom. Lighting is another focus area that you should pay attention to, as it makes the room look brighter and gives depth to it. You would find a plethora of options in types and shapes of lighting options.

Bathroom remodeling, bathroom accessories, Ready to tile shower pan, Shower remodeling, shower recess, niches, ready to tile recess, shower seats

If you have a small bathroom, then you can make it spacious looking by altering the size of the mirror used. Mirror is a major point to concentrate on, while going for remodeling. These days people prefer to have large mirrors in bathrooms, majorly because they make the bathroom look larger.

While going in for remodeling of bathroom, you should also focus on the type of tub or shower to be used. These are available in different shapes, sizes and colors to enhance the overall interiors. Make sure that the bath tub blends with the color of the tiles & flooring, or is in contrast to them. You can also opt for flooring and tiling, which has a similar shower counterpart available. This would add finishing to your bathroom and make it look more elegant.

Keeping in mind these important points, you can completely transform the looks of your bathroom and give it a fresh appeal.

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New Product Introduction Flexible Hair trap

October 14, 2010

New Product Introduction: Flexible Hair trap

Hair trap, hair remover, clog stopper, bath plug, shower, bathroom accessories, shower drain, Ebbe hair trap

We have recently added a much requested Hair Trap to all of our drain products. The Ebbe Square Shower Drain is now the only Shower Drain available anywhere in the world that actually includes a Hair Trap. Imagine all those shower drains getting clogged with hair this very minute. Now imagine all the effort that will soon be needed to clean them! Get out the screwdriver! Ugh!! Consider how thoughtful it is of ebbe to provide sensible a solution!

The second most common reason for taking a shower is to wash your hair. It’s only natural to expect that when washing your hair, some hair will shed. It can’t be stopped and the longer the hair the more often a shower drain gets clogged. When that shower drain gets clogged, it’s always been time send out a call for help, or get a screwdriver and do the dirty job yourself.

Ebbe now makes that unpleasant task a breeze. The ebbe Hair Trap is a much welcomed new design that has these important features.

o Fits all ebbe E4400 Risers

o Not visible from the top surface of the drain.

o Easily accessible from inside the shower

o Hair removes easily from the trap. No snags!

o Inexpensive enough to simply thrown away each time

o Allows water to drain even when full of hair

Hair trap, hair remover, clog stopper, bath plug, shower, bathroom accessories, shower drain, ebbe hair trap” width=

Buy now

Trend Setter in Home Furnishing

October 14, 2010

home remodeling, home furnishing, home design, flooring material, contractor directory, DIY, do it yourself, hardwood flooring, bathroom accessories

Home furnishing has always been thought off as the most tedious task in home management. The time consumption that takes place is something that has always been a hindrance in home furnishing. House owners these days have shifted focus to an all new concept of home furnishing. Popular trends in home furnishing include mixing old and new, classic and contemporary. Furniture has always been on prime radar of the house owners. They look for a mixed blend of beauty of the art and color in the furniture. But, choosing the right blend and in appropriate measures is the key. Furniture makers have been very responsive to this fashion, so now it’s easier than ever to purchase fine reproductions of vintage and modern collections. So here are some important trend setting aspects and designs that make your living area complete. You can either opt for singular collection or blend of many depending on your requirements and taste.

home remodeling, home furnishing, home design, flooring material, contractor directory, DIY, do it yourself, hardwood flooring, bathroom accessories

Gold Furniture: This is one of the major trend setters as far as home furnishing is concerned. Regarded as one of the oldest and royal home furnishing design, gold furniture types are no more luxurious and costly. Gold French furniture is nowadays usually finished in genuine gold leaf, and artisans make sure to give a distressing look to those areas where most natural wear would have occurred. The outcome is just awesome. This is a hard earned creation as it undergoes a multi tasking process of hand sanding, filling, sealing, painting and antique aging. Rich Rococo pieces, such as beds and chests of drawers are hand-carved, again, following the methods used hundreds of years ago.

The Vintage Style: Again a very effective and costumer centric furniture pattern. Vintage is generally a blend of Rococo furniture and chateau style. Versailles style is way over the top, but using a few rococo and baroque style items, such as a reproduction chateau de Versailles chandelier or a beautiful gilt mirror will give a glamorous look to your contemporary home. People with large dining rooms generally prefer this style of furniture.

home remodeling, home furnishing, home design, flooring material, contractor directory, DIY, do it yourself, hardwood flooring, bathroom accessories

The Mirrored Furniture: This is generally used when house owners want to bring some sanity to the house. Instead of glitter of artwork, many a times the mirror furniture is preferred by house owners. If you want something more exotic, choose a couple of items from a popular silver embossed range and mix them with white painted chateau furniture.

The Real Budget Design Ideas: If a budget based home furnishing is your cup of tea, then here are some important designing ideas for you. De Cluttering is always a good idea to start with. Minimizing accumulation is the key. This can be done by deciding which items must be retained and which can be thrown out or given away. Then be sure to maintain this system on an ongoing basis. Color management also plays a very vital role. Consulting a home furnishing expert also can be of great help. You’ll better understand how to incorporate color, lighting and texture into a room and also receive valuable tips on ensuring furnishings are in proportion with other things in a room for visual appeal.

With the wealth of information available, designing your first home or redesigning the interior of your existing home becomes a fun and exciting and cheap project rather than a stressful chore. By combining your creativity with tips gathered from various cheap or free publications, your home interior design project is sure to turn out to be a stunning success. As a final suggestion, surfing the internet and finding different combination’s and permutations that work can also provide relevant inputs.

home remodeling, home furnishing, home design, flooring material, contractor directory, DIY, do it yourself, hardwood flooring, bathroom accessories

I hope these inputs help you enhance some knowledge on catching the right trend in home furnishing.

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The impact of moisture on different flooring types

August 22, 2010

ceramic bathroom tiles, mosaic tiles, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, bathroom accessories

The decision to install a particular flooring type depends on various factors such as its aesthetics, durability, price and effect of moisture. It is the impact of moisture on different flooring types that restricts the use of certain flooring options in high moisture areas such as the kitchen and the shower.

Hardwood flooring is highly sensitive to the surrounding moisture content since it is fibrous and absorbs and releases moisture. All wooden floors expand and contract according to temperature and humidity changes. Hardwood contracts when the relative humidity is less than the moisture content of the wood. On the other hand, hardwood expands when its moisture content is less than the relative humidity. Fluctuating moisture levels can significantly affect the shape of your hardwood flooring.

Another flooring material that is affected by the moisture levels is bamboo. Since bamboo is actually a type of grass, and is fibrous as well, it also absorbs and releases moisture. Excess moisture in the air will cause your bamboo flooring to swell and bend. In contrast, less moisture in the air will dry the bamboo flooring and cause cracks in it.

ceramic bathroom tiles, mosaic tiles, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, bathroom accessories

Although laminate flooring is considered to be the most durable out of all the flooring options it is still susceptible to moisture. During the manufacturing process, a durable coating is applied on laminate flooring to make it resistant to moisture. Even after this coating excess exposure to moisture can cause laminate flooring to expand significantly.

Cork is another flooring material that is impervious to water seepage. Cork contains a natural material that makes it highly durable and ideal for use in areas such as the kitchen as well. However, since cork is a natural material it is affected by humidity changes. Although cork is not affected by moisture in the same way as hardwood is, yet it should be properly cared for to prevent damage.

Even though different flooring materials respond differently to fluctuations in moisture levels, it is important to limit the exposure of moisture to your flooring. One of the most effective ways of ensuring the relative air humidity does not affect your flooring is known as acclimation.

Acclimation is a pre installation process to ensure that the flooring adjusts to the humidity level in a particular room. Generally, this process consists of placing the flooring material in the room where it is to be installed, for a period of 2-3 days. During this time, the temperature as well as the humidity levels in the room should be controlled for maximum effectiveness.

ceramic bathroom tiles, mosaic tiles, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, bathroom accessories

Controlling the moisture levels around your flooring is important for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that excess moisture, or lack of moisture can cause the flooring to shrink or expand. This in turn would affect the integrity of the flooring. Another reason is that unless proper maintenance of the flooring is done the warranty on it would not be valid. It is for these reasons that you should ensure that your flooring is not exposed to moisture, or excess fluctuations in humidity levels.

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Get your facts right before tiling the floor

June 12, 2010

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Tiles offer durability and are a cost effective option for flooring; with minimal maintenance requirements, tiles can enhance the entire outlook of the room. In case you are planning to install floor tiles to upgrade your home, you must be aware of certain facts before you start working on it.

These are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and varieties, such as glass, terracotta, brick, cement, porcelain, terrazzo and quarry tiles. Among the various types, stone and ceramic tiles are generally preferred more for the floors. Ceramic tiles are available in glazed as well as unglazed options in different varieties of color. Further, the tiles are classified in four groups from I to IV depending upon durability. Group IV tiles are most durable, strong and sturdy withstanding more pressure and hence preferred for heavy traffic floors, such as patios and drive ways. Therefore, selecting the right kind of tile for flooring would depend upon the area such as kitchen, hallway, bathroom, basement or patio.

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The most important thing you must have, before installing tiles for making the floor, is a proper layout, in order to execute the installation properly. For a correct assessment, measure the dimensions of the flooring area and divide it by coverage area of the tile; this will provide an estimate on how many tiles you would require for tiling your floor. It is advisable to re-evaluate your calculations, in order to avoid any inconvenience while doing the job.

Always get a few extra tiles to make for the loss, if any, during installation. Moreover, this also helps you in having matching tiles in case you need to replace it in future, because finding matching tile pattern can be difficult. Planning, patience and labor are the key ingredients that will help you cruise through this task effectively.

You should also be aware of the fact that installing a tile floor is a tedious process which may take days or weeks to complete the job. For a small bathroom floor, it may take two or three days, however installing tiles on the floor of your living room may stretch beyond a week. The time frame also depends upon your skill. Moreover, choosing the material, estimating the cost and finally purchasing the supplies consumes few days initially.

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Before starting off with the tiling process, it is essential to lay out the sub floor. Sub flooring forms an integral part of the whole tiling process; hence make sure that you have strong sub flooring to prevent the grout from cracking. In addition, you must select the right type of grout depending upon the type of the tile. There are primarily three types of grout, namely epoxy, furan resin and Portland-cement based grouts. Among these, though epoxy is more expensive, it is highly water resistant and spreads out easily. In case of moist areas, you can use cement fiber-board for under flooring.

Once the sub floor stabilizes, it is time to lay out tiles. To hold the tiles in place make use of thinset and leave the tiles overnight. All this information will help you make all the necessary arrangements beforehand and have the perfectly tiled floor for your house.

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Maximizing your bathroom space

June 3, 2010

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Bathroom is an integral part of every house and generally these are designed keeping functionality in mind, thereby most of the bathrooms are cramped and small. Sometimes, it is so cramped that there is not even enough space to move around. Most of the bathrooms are stuffed with tub, shower, sink, shelves and other necessary things in a small area. As a result, the place looks cluttered, probably the most disorganized room in the entire house.

In case, your bathroom is also small and cramped which you wish to renovate into a beautiful and functional bathroom, then there are several steps which can take, without having to incur heavy expenses. Foremost, for the walls of the room, choose light colors where stripes can do the trick as it help elongates the walls’ appearance and the space seem bigger. Moreover, you must choose an even lighter shade for the ceilings, as compared to the walls, as it will make surface recede from view and enlarge small space. You can use light colored tiles, paints or wallpapers with small prints as large, bold prints can make the place look cluttered. The most important factor is to keep it simple or otherwise it will impede all the efforts to maximize your bathroom space.

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Another simple way to address the lack of space in your bathroom is maximize the storage around sink where you can add vanity or shelves under the sink for cosmetics, toiletries and other belongings. In case you already have a vanity, then you can increase its storage capacity through simple modifications. Add shelves or half shelves, wire racks on the inside of cabinet doors, built-in nooks and include pullout elements, similar to the kitchen cabinetry, such as towel rods, shelves and wastebasket.

Apart from vanity, another simple option is to use shelves for placing pretty much everything you need. You can either mount it on the wall or recess it into the walls, without taking up the limited floor area. Amongst the different shelf options available in the market today, corner shelves are your best bet, which can easily hold all the indispensable items. In case there is scope for some space, you can even opt for free-standing shelves as these can be easily moved around for your convenience.

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In addition, you can even use a lot of mirror in your bathroom as it easily creates an illusion of space. To further camouflage the lack of space in the small bathroom, you can use two mirrors placed opposite to each other as it creates an illusion of a never-ending room. Further, instead of shower curtains which clutter the view, you can use clear glass shower doors as it does not obstruct the space or its view. Moreover, keep the doors, trims and accessories in soft colors, such as pastels which reflect light or better yet, of the same color as that of walls so as to make the space appear wider.

Hence, these simple steps can help you maximize your bathroom space, without having to compromise on utility or aesthetic value.

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Prevent cluttering in your shower

May 25, 2010

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Modern construction designs have rendered space to be a premium commodity, so it has become all the more important to make maximum utilization of the space that is available to you. Utilization of space is especially important in a bathroom since it is one of the most important areas of a house. One of the most effective ways to ensure that you are able to effectively utilize the available space in your bathroom is by using shower recess and niches.

Earlier when a separate space for keeping accessories in a shower was required people used to install either a ceramic soap dish or a corner shelf. Although effective, this method used up a lot of space in the shower area; therefore, a more effective storage solution was required. It is in order to effectively utilize the space in a shower that the uses of shower recessed shelves have gained popularity. Most people use a variety of cosmetics and accessories while showering and cluttering in the shower area has become a common problem that is faced by many.

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Not only can shower niche prevent cluttering in your shower; it can also act as an essential part of your shower’s decoration theme. These recesses and niches can be easily installed in your shower area thereby ensuring that there is no damage to the surrounding areas. Further, these porcelain recesses and niches are available in a variety of colors, shapes and designs to suit to the specific theme of your shower. You can even use these recesses and niches to create a special theme in your shower area thereby enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

For those who like to fix things on their own; while installing these recesses & niches would face the problem of effectively waterproofing it. Since even a minor leak in the shower area could significantly damage the walls, it is of prime importance to ensure effectively waterproofing the installed recesses and niches. This problem has been effectively solved by high quality shower recesses and niches such as those offered by FlooringSupplyShop. These recesses and niches do not require any waterproofing so you can easily install them within a matter of hours rather than days.

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Manufactured using high quality porcelain, these shower recesses and niches are highly durable and offer longevity. You can easily clean these porcelain recesses and niches without using any special chemicals thereby ensuring ease in maintenance.

It is due to the high utility and ease of installation that these porcelain recesses and niches are widely being preferred. You can go through the website of flooringsupplyshop to get access to the various porcelain recesses and niches that are being offered. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, you can select the one that best suits the specific theme of your shower area. The unique feature of these recesses and niches is that you will be able to create space for all your shower accessories, thereby ensuring an effective showering experience.

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Evolution of the shower

May 16, 2010

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

The showers that we find in most homes these days are far from what the early Romans and Greeks used. The first experience that man had of a shower was not under a man made structure, but under a natural one: a waterfall. However, the desire to have a personal shower led to the creation of customized shower areas inside the house.

The Greeks were probably the first ones to invent a shower by creating aqueducts made of lead, and a sewage area. This was an effective system that allowed pumping of water both in and out of the communal shower rooms. Similar to this system were the boathouses created by the Romans. The remains of these boathouses can be found around the Mediterranean as well as in the modern day England. However, after the fall of the Roman era, showering almost became a religious taboo and was completely abandoned until the Victorian era.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

It was during the Victorian Era that the famous ‘English Regency Shower’ was invented. This shower was made out of metal, but was painted to make it appear like bamboo. The structure of the English Regency Shower consisted of a basin at the top and a drain at the bottom. A pump like arrangement at the drain forced the water to the top basin, from where it was pumped over the occupant through a nozzle. The English Regency Shower even had a basic shower curtain for the privacy of the occupant. Although the design of this shower was effective, the only drawback to it was that the same water had to be reused while showering. A number of modifications were done to this shower, including a hand pump, several sprayers and nozzles that could be interchanged.

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It was after the invention of the English Regency Shower that plumbers started experimenting with new showering tools. It was during this time that the shower moved indoors and was being used only by a few privileged homeowners. Lead plumbing was introduced around the 1850s, and it was around this time that it started looking similar to what it is today.

Today, you can find a number of advancements in this domain, thereby leading to the creation of high utility showering structures. One such structure is a combination of a shower and a bath tub. This combination is generally used in small bathrooms where there is not enough space to construct a separate shower and bath tub. Such a combination not only results in maximum utilization of space but also leads to a significant saving in plumbing costs.

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The ultimate in showering luxury these days is a sauna shower. A sauna shower provides a spa like experience to the occupant and ensures complete relaxation while showering. A typical sauna shower consists of jets, ceiling rain, Personal Massager and radio.

Thus, we can see that the shower has evolved in a significant manner over the years. Not only is the shower structure more effective, but the plumbing as become more reliable as well.

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Reduce your efforts in building an effective shower area

April 16, 2010

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

All you ‘do-it yourself’ enthusiasts who have tried building a shower area would know about the time and effort that goes into the process. Technicalities such as the pan liner slope, depth of the mortar bed and the shower floor slope can get tricky and can easily ruin your showering area. It is for this reason that most people prefer using the services of professional tradesmen to take care of all the technicalities and to build a perfect shower area.

One way to reduce all this time and effort, and to ensure that all the technicalities are taken care of effectively, is to use a ready to tile shower pan. Reputed ‘ready to tile‘ shower pans such as ProPan can be conveniently installed within a matter of hours, and can also be tiled within the same day. This is in sharp contrast to the time taken in installing a pan liner, mortar beds and tiles using the traditional methods.

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Ready to tile pan liners are highly effective since they ensure a completely waterproof shower sub floor. Although installing a pan liner is considered to be the most effective ways of waterproofing the sub floor, there have been instances of a leakage in the pan liner damaging the plywood sub floor. Since ready to tile shower pans eliminate the need to install a pan liner, there will be no chance of a leakage to the sub floor. Further, these ready to tile shower pans are manufactured high quality polystyrene to ensure high durability and a longer working life.

Ready to tile shower pans such as ProPan also eliminate the need to slope the shower pan manually, thereby reducing the time involved in building the shower area. These ready to tile shower pans have a pre-formed slope of 1/4” per foot to ensure that any water that seep under the tiled floor is directed effectively towards the drain weep holes. Thus we can see that not only do ready to tile shower pans floors reduce the time and efforts involved in building a shower area, they also make the shower area more effective.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

All those of you who are looking for a curb entry into the shower would find these ready to tile shower area to be of high utility. ProPan comes with an attachment for a curb, which can be installed on the site of the shower. Since building a curb involves a lot of time and a lot of precision, this facility of a curb attachment ensures that you are able to build an effective curb by spending a fraction of the time and energy that is involved in building a curb the traditional way.

Finally, in case you are worried that your shower area is not of standard size and that these ready to tile shower pans will not fit in your shower area, ProPan offers the ideal solution. ProPan can be cut or extended on the site according to the specific shower area size, thereby ensuring that you are able to use these ready to tile shower pans irrespective of the size of your shower area.

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Ready to tile shower pans an ideal way to build a shower area

April 11, 2010

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

A shower pan is probably the most important part of a shower area since it prevents excess water from trickling down to the sub floor and causing damage. Traditionally, shower pans used to be made up of mortar; however, since mortar was not all that effective, a separate layer of pan liner used to be placed over the shower pan. Although this method is widely considered to be the most effective solution to the problem of leaky shower floors, there have been many instances of leakage in the pan liner as well.

It is in order to provide an effective solution to this problem that you can install ready to tile shower pan floors in your shower area. Ready to tile shower pan is an easy to install structure that can solve all the problems associated with traditional forms of shower pans. Let us take a look at some of the problems associated with traditional shower pans and how a ‘ready to tile’ shower pan solves those problems:

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

Creating a mortar shower bed is not an easy task and requires a lot of skill and labor. Multiple layers of material have to be used to ensure that water does not seep through to the sub floor. In case a pan liner is being used, it is essential to set it in the right place. Any miscalculation or problem during the creation of the pan floor can result in leakage and severe damage to other areas of your home. Since ready to tile pan floors are completely waterproof, there is no chance of a leakage to the sub floor.

In case you are concerned about molds that have appeared on your shower floor, the answer to this problem lies in the area in between the pan liner and the shower floor. Since your shower tiles are not completely waterproof, there is a chance that water might accumulate above the pan liner, thereby leading to the growth of mold. By using a ready to tile pan floor you will be able to eliminate this layer between your shower floor and the pan liner, thereby eliminating the chances of mold growth.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

Finally, creating the appropriate slope on the shower floor can be a big challenge, especially for the ‘do-it-yourself’ enthusiasts. An inappropriate slope can lead to water accumulation on your shower floor, thereby leading to problems of leakage and water accumulation. However, most of the reputed ready to tile shower pans come with a pre-formed slope of ¼” per foot, thereby ensuring that your shower floor is perfectly pitched.

It is due to benefits such as these that ready to tile shower pans have gained in popularity across households. Further, these ready to tile shower pans are constructed using high grade material and are treated with waterproofing coatings to ensure that they remain waterproof for a long duration of time. So if you are looking to re-do your shower area or are considering building a new one, you should definitely consider using a ready to tile shower pan.

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Ready To Tile Shelves Bear Everything

March 26, 2010

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

One of the most personal spaces in your home is your bathroom. Here you can spend some quality time and feel completely relaxed.  Bathroom accessories can go a long way in helping you to provide an elegant appeal to your shower.  The ready to tile shelves have emerged as one of the most fascinating bathroom accessories which fit easily into your shower to create an organized look. You can customize the shelves as per your requirement to create a magnificent blend.

With a rapid increase in the exciting range of shower products, you surely need some extra space in your bathroom. The shelves serve this purpose perfectly as they are designed to offer you sufficient space.  The shelves allow you to store all your favorite shower stuff in one place.  The shelves can blend perfectly with your surrounding walls and create an effect which is simply beyond words. The shower seats can also be an interesting addition to your shower which will help you give yourself a royal treatment while bathing.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

The shower shelves have evolved as one of the most effective tools for managing space in your shower and lend a fresh and bright appearance to it. The shelves can be easily installed in your shower and blend perfectly with the interiors. The shelves can be used for storing your shower stuff and also for enjoying an extended session in the shower. Available in a variety of materials these seats and shelves are perfectly suitable for your shower and will add a new dimension to your bathroom.

The shower shelves have a tremendous load bearing capacity and can withstand heavy weights. This means you can  sit on your shower shelf and enjoy a relaxed shower without having to worry about your safety. This capability is achieved through the engineering of shear force instead of tension loading. The shower benches can be easily installed in your shower area to enjoy an uninterrupted experience. The benches and shelves are very user friendly and do not require any additional waterproofing or structural reinforcement. Following proper installation procedures will ensure that the shelves are fixed in the best possible manner.

The shower seats are also a great addition for your bathroom as they can add an element of elegance to your bathroom. The shower seats will offer you a personal seating space in the bathroom and help you to rejuvenate yourself. These seats are also very helpful for physically challenged people as they can sit comfortably on them. The seats are designed to be water resistant which makes them anti corrosive and saves you the hassles of water proofing. The seats are generally made from granite and marble and a few also have marble flooring on the top. A few seats may also have ceramic tiles on the top.  It is important to ensure that you use only certified chemicals to clean the seats.

Bathroom Accessories, Ready to tile Shower Pan, shower bench, Shower Seats

Unlike the traditional shower seats which required hours to install, modern seats can be installed in a matter of no time. The present shower benches come with a one piece frame that can be installed easily with the help of fasteners which are supplied with it. This eliminates the need for any structural reinforcement and makes installation very simple. The high density Polystyrene shower seats are also gaining in popularity today.  These seats are extremely light weight and can be installed without any hassles. Proper care of the shower seats will enhance their life and ensure that you enjoy a comfortable shower.

Choosing the perfect accessories and following the proper installation techniques will help you create a shower which stands out in all respects. Accessories like shower seats and shelves will enhance the appearance of your bathroom and also offer various capabilities.   It is a sound investment which will help you enjoy each and every minute under the shower.

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Ready to Tile Bath Accessories: A Precious Gift

March 23, 2010

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

If you always thought that a bathroom is just a place to take a shower then think again!  Present day bathrooms have evolved as a design destination and are always open to new ideas and innovations.  Brand new shower accessories can completely transform the landscape of your shower.  The ready to tile accessories lend a Mediterranean charm to your bathroom and give it a distinct identity.  These accessories will enhance the aesthetic appeal as well as increase the capabilities of your bathroom.

These bathroom accessories offer a number of advantages.  They are very simple to tile and hardly occupy any space but they can bring about a sea of change to your bathroom. These accessories will make your bathroom look bigger and also help you  discover new areas which you never thought existed. The accessories will allow you to store all your shower products inside the bathroom itself, helping you to employ your bedroom cupboards for a different purpose.  Space management is what these accessories bring to your bathroom in a very cost efficient manner.  Right from that soap dish to the shower seat these bathroom accessories will personalize your bathroom. Let’s have a look at these small wonders

Travertine Soap Dish:

The soap dish in your bathroom has a fascinating piece of history attached to it. It is made from the same travertine which found its way into the Roman Colosseum. Naturally this soap dish will remind you of the opulence of the Roman royalty and take you back in time. The travertine soap dishes are pre sealed and come with mounting projection on the back. The dish proves to be perfect for storing your favorite bath soap and also prevents it from melting away. The soap dish can be installed simply by following a few basic instructions.

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

Towel Holder:

Every homemaker will swear by a decent towel holder. There is nothing worse in the world than watching used towels lying carelessly on the bed. Made from natural stone the towel holders have a very distinguished appearance and bring a tremendous glaze to your bathroom. They can be easily mounted on vertical walls and allow you to lend a clean and tidy appearance not only to your bathroom but the entire home as well.

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

Shower shelves:

Let’s add a bit of humor to your bathroom now with tempered glass shelves. Tempered glass is also known as “Prince Rupert’s Drops’ owing to its peculiar tear drop shape.  It was used as a practical joke by the Bavarian King in the the 16th Century.  These shelves bring the same vivacity into your bathrooms and also make it look bigger. These shelves can be easily mounted on your vertical walls and have an impressive load bearing capacity. They provide you with that much needed extra space in your bathroom without invading into the existing space.

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

Shower Seats:

If you travel back in time you will tumble across the Roman empire which was surely one of the mightiest empires in the world. A little detailed study will reveal the importance given by them to a holistic bath. The Romans indulged themselves in a rejuvenating bath which ensured cleanliness and kept them healthy.  Now you can share this secret in your shower with a stone shower seat.  Easily mountable to the vertical walls,  these seats are very safe and will ensure that you can enjoy extended showers in your bathroom.  Wherever you are just do what the Romans did!

Bathroom Accessories, soap dish, towel bar, toilet holder

Shower accessories are designed to blend perfectly with your bathroom and create a charming effect. They will meet all your expectations and make the shower your own personal area. A well laid out shower will help you to replicate a spa right inside your home and lose yourself completely to the soothing effect of a rejuvenating shower.  Our modern day bathroom accessories are designed by the best known designers and bring  a designer feel to your shower.  So go ahead and soak yourself in pure luxury.

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