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Smiths Paint Green Clean Application Instructions

January 18, 2014

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Application Instructions

These instructions are not intended to show product recommendations for specific service. They are issued as an aid in determining correct surface preparation, mixing instructions and application procedure. These instructions should be followed closely to obtain the maximum result from the products.

Area Preparation: Be sure to mask or cover all areas that are not intended to prepared with Smith’s Green Cleaner.

Surface Preparation: The surface preparation phase of “Staining a Concrete Floor” should be viewed as the most important. Proper floor preparation results in the product’s longevity, minimizes potential failures and creates the best environment for an aesthetically pleasing work of art. In short, the more detail and time allotted to this phase of the project will dramatically affect the appearance and durability of the finished floor.

1) Remove paint, adhesives and loose particulates from the intended application surface.

2) Liberally apply Smith’s Green Clean to a 20 x 20 feet section of the substrate with ½ inch nap roller cover.

3) Allow the gel to remain on the substrate for 20 minutes.

4) For exterior application, utilize a 12,000 work units* pressure washer in conjunction with a 0 degree rotating nozzle to remove the Smith’s Green Clean with overlapping line patterns. For interior surface preparation, agitate Smith’s Green Clean utilizing a floor buffer (small area) or an auto-scrubber (large area) equipped with brush attachments while rinsing with clean water. Extract material utilizing a wet/dry vacuum or by lowering the squeegee uptake bar on the auto-scrubber. Continue to flush and agitate the substrate until the rinse water is clear.

5) Allow surface to dry.

6) Perform a “Tape Test”.

* Work Units = Gallons per Minute x PSI

Note: If additional profile is desired, reapply Smith’s Green Clean following the previous directions.

Tape Test A tape test will help determine the effectiveness of the cleaning process. After the floor has been thoroughly scrubbed, rinsed and allowed to dry; apply several 1 foot strips of high quality 2” clear packaging tape to various locations on the floor. Aggressively press the tape onto the floor with the heel of your hand. Fold one end of the tape into itself and pull it off of the floor as vigorously as possible. Examine the adhesive layer in a bright light looking for residue that was pulled from the floor. Little to no dust or other foreign particles should be visible. Areas with visible foreign material need to be rinsed again until the surface is free of these contaminants.

Dilution: Do not dilute Smith’s Green Clean. The product’s viscosity (thickness) enables optimal results for this cleaning process. Warning: Applying a thin coat of Smith’s Green Clean will not achieve proper surface preparation, rather will result in the Green Clean drying on the surface creating a potential bond breaker.

Application Directions:

Material Surface Ambient Humidity
Best 60-90°F 65-85°F 65-90°F 10-60%
Minimum 45°F 45°F 45°F 0%
Maximum 105°F 110°F 110°F 80%

Note: Lower temperature will result in a longer time period for Smith’s Green Clean to achieve the proper surface profile.

Application Method:

As supplied, Smith’s GreenClean is applied via ½ – ¾ inch nap cover on a roller cage.

Clean Up: Immediately clean-up work area and tools with water

Upon information, belief and to the best of our knowledge, the information contained herein is true and accurate as of the date of issuance of this particular product and any and all information conveyed, expressed or implied is subject to change without prior notice. We guarantee our products to conform to Smith Paint Products’ quality control mechanisms, but not to any other standards. We assume no responsibility for coverage, performance or injuries resulting from use, misuse or uses not described in any promotional materials. Promotional materials are not a supplementation to any contract or expand any term or condition of the product purchase agreement, if any is reduced to writing. At the discretion of Smith Paints Products, liability, if any, is limited to replacement of the purchased product upon presentation of valid sales receipt or invoice, and no damages for any consequential, liquidated or other damages are provided under this Limitation of Liability and Limited Warranty. NO OTHER WARRANTY OR GUARANTY OF ANY KIND IS MADE BY SMITH PAINT PRODUCTS, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY, BY OPERATION OF LAW, OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. DO NOT PURCHASE AND USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE NOT AGREED TO THE ABOVE TERMS.

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