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Tools for the Pro Video’s

February 5, 2010

Back Butter Buddy Short Demonstration

The Ultimate Installation Tool for Large Tile and Stone

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Back Butter Buddy (upload 03/27/2014)

Back Butter Buddy 1

Back Butter Buddy 2

Back Butter Buddy 3

The Ultimate Installation Tool for Large Tile and Stone

Tavy Spacers

A major benefit of The TAVY Tile Spacer is that the circular design prevents the spacer from bottoming out into the cement or adhesive making removal extremely easy.

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To Do or Not To Do – Back Butter Your Tile

Proleveling Tile Leveling System

Buy Proleveling Tile Leveling System

DTA Lippage Leveling System

StringA Level Designed primarily for shower wall tile installations, the STRINGA LEVEL Tile Support System is for use on any wall mounted tile installation where tiling begins above the floor.

Montgomery Degree and Pitch Level

Grout Grabber – Grout removal tool

MPS100 – Portable Multi-Purpose Floor Scraper

Diamond Head Silicone Stone Grinding

Hybrid Abrasives Black Silicone Carbide

Bucket Brush How to Use Video 1

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Bucket Brush How to Use Video 2

Wringmaster Grout clean-up System

Mighty Hammer by Primo Tools

Tavy Tile Puck Marble Level and Lippage Detector

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MTP 555 Plastic Trowel attachment

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