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ProPan WPM Shower Kit Waterproofing System

July 31, 2019

ProPan® WPM Shower Kit Waterproofing System for Shower Floor and Walls

ProPan WPM Ready to Tile Shower Pan kit

Complete fully bonded, watertight shower system that’s easy to install and designed to manage moisture in showers… all in 1 box.

Contains ProPan ready-to-tile shower base with integrated drain assembly, curb, WaterArmor® bonded sheet waterproofing membrane, banding tape & inside/outside corners, Sikaflex® 11 FC polyurethane and EBBE® drain body & grate.

Kits available in;
3′ x 4′, 3′ x 5′, 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 5′ with center drain & 38″ x 66″ tub replacement kit with offset drain

ProPan meets IAPMO-PS-46, is UPC listed and can be site modified. WaterArmor bonded sheet membrane is 2m wide and meets ANSI A118.10 for load bearing, bonded, waterproof membranes and ANSI A118.12 for crack isolation membranes. It’s in compliance with UPC, IPC and is IAPMO listed.

Shower Pan Installation

• Apply modified thinset mortar to the floor area and underside of pan using a 1/4” x 1/4”notched trowel.
• Apply a liberal coat of PVC or ABS cleaner and solvent cement to the drainpipe and inside the drain where the connection will be made.
• Set pan into the wet thinset and apply pressure to achieve complete coverage, insuring that the drain pipe and waste line are properly connected. Check pan for level set on floor. Apply weight (thinset bags) equally across pan for 30 minutes.

Wall Backerboard
Use only code-approved concrete backerboard or other wall substrate suitable for wet areas.

Wall Board Waterproofing
• Apply modified thinset mortar to corner of pan and wall junction. Embed inside corners into mortar using a drywall knife or margin trowel to remove air pockets and ensure proper adhesion to shower pan/wall board.
• Install band tape at all pan floor/wall junctions using modified thinset mortar. Ensure band tape finished height is above shower pan curb.
• Using SIKA Flex FC Polyurethane, apply a ½” bead along band tape seam at pan floor joint and smooth to form a continuous seal.
• Apply modified thinset to wall substrate. Ensure mortar is loose but still holds ridges from trowel.
• Embed membrane into the mortar using a finishing trowel, drywall taping knife or similar tool to remove air pockets and to ensure proper adhesion.
• Treat any seams by overlapping membrane 2-3” and using modified thinset mortar to bond fabric.

Shower Pan Curb Installation
• Determine location of ProPan Curb. Affix curb to floor by applying a modified mortar bed to floor and underside of curb. Before setting curb in place, apply a 1/2” bead of sealant to ProPan rabbet channel and to the adjoining wall panels.

Drain Strainer Installation
• Screw strainer down to correct height to match tile. Note: If required, cut threads down to adjust strainer to correct height. Pack thinset or pea gravel into area cut out for strainer adjustment.

ProPan WPM Ready to Tile Shower Pan kit ProPan WPM Ready to Tile Shower Pan kit ProPan WPM Ready to Tile Shower Pan kit

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