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Tuscan Leveling System Installation FAQ

January 30, 2010

Tuscan Leveling System Installation FAQ

The Lippage-Free Tile System

Q. How do I profit by using the Tuscan Leveling System?

A. In most cases, installation time is 2 to 3 times faster, which puts money in your pocket when the job is bid on a square foot basis. Additionally, as installer, you can usually pass on the cost of the Tuscan Leveling System to your client as part of the cost of the job.

Q. Can the caps be reused?

A. Installers report that they have reused the caps dozens of times (which greatly reduces the overall cost of installing).

Q. Does the Tuscan Leveling System help eliminate lippage?

A. Yes, the unique patented system virtually eliminates lippage.

Q. Does the Tuscan Leveling System eliminate grinding after instillation?

A. In most cases the Tuscan Leveling System virtually eliminates the need for grinding.

Q. Does my floor need to be level prior to installation?

A. For best results, it is advisable to follow standard professional practices for substrate leveling.

Q. How much faster is the tile leveling process using the Tuscan leveling System?

A. Responses from actual installers indicate that in large open spaces the installation can be three times as fast. In areas where there is significant cut up or fitting, to be done, they report it can be twice as fast.

Q. Will the Tuscan Leveling System work with small tile?

A. The Tuscan Leveling System is designed to work with tiles 12 inches or larger.

Q. Will the Tuscan Leveling System work on large format tile and slabs?

A. Yes, the trend worldwide is moving toward large format, the Tuscan Leveling System is ideal for leveling these large form materials.

Q. Will the Tuscan leveling System work with ceramic tiles?

A. The Tuscan leveling System will work with ceramic, marble, onyx, granite, and most composites.

Q. How do I use the Ergonomic Installation Tool?

A. Set tool on STD, then turn the smaller red knob to level #1-5 to tighten and set tile (the higher the number the bigger the tile). To break strap after mortar has set: set tool on HVY, then turn red knob to highest setting #8.

Q. Why are there two different types of Installation Tools?

A. The Ergonomic Tool is primarily for the professional installer and the Manual Tool is primarily for the DYI’s.

Q. Do I really need to use the Installation Tool to remove the caps after the mortar has set?

A. Some installers have reported that, after mortar has set, they find it easier to just kick the caps (or use a rubber mallet) in the direction of the grout line and they easily break away. However, we can’t recommend this because, if using this option, one must use CAUTION to avoid scratching the tile!

Q. When using the Tuscan leveling System, can tiles be walked on while the adhesive is still wet?

A. In many cases yes, such as the tiles in the demo. However, there are so many variables in tile setting, that change with each particular instillation, we can’t recommend it.

Q. Can the Tuscan Leveling System be used on walls?

A. Yes.

Q. Why do you recommend soaking the straps in hot water prior to use?

A. For best results, straps should be soaked over night, or for one hour prior to use in hot water. Soaking is one time only, regardless of how long the straps are on hand. The proprietary nylon composition of the strap needs to absorb sufficient moisture so it will stretch properly during installation. The proprietary nylon composition of the strap was engineered in a way that, as the mortar is drying, it pulls the moisture out of the strap, making the strap more brittle, so that the strap can snap off cleanly, after the drying is complete.

Q. Will there be air pockets under tiles after using the Tuscan Leveling System?

A. No. We recommend that the installer ‘back-butter’ the tiles as part of the installation. The Tuscan Leveling System passed all fourteen steps of the Robinson Test, which proved there are no voids created using the system, as a result, the Tuscan Leveling System earned the highest commercial rating possible for ceramic tile.

Q. What is the learning curve using the Tuscan leveling System?

A. Usually the learning curve is only an hour or two, not days.

Q. Where can I get the Tuscan Leveling System?

A. The Tuscan Leveling System Master sold online at or at our physical store at 5047 W Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles CA 90016, you can also order it by phone at 877 880 8453.

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Tuscan Leveling System Installation FAQ


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  2. Do the straps act as spacers too, or do I need spacer in addition to the straps? If they act as spacers, what is the size, and is there different grout spacing sizes?

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