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Restoration of 100 year old Marble with Eco Friendly Pads

February 21, 2013

Restoration of 100 year old Marble

Before and After pictures of an almost 100 year old marble

This work was done by guys with no stone experience. We just walked them through the process.

If he can do it you can too

Deep scratches, gouges, burns, stains and etching everywhere. No two tiles were level with each other and to make it MUCH more complicated, there’s black granite inlayed at every intersection. It was beat up really bad.

AFTER Cheetah Pads steps 1-4 and a quick buff with 11,000 grit polishing pad. Absolutely crystal clear reflection.
The best the factory can do on this bad condition marble is 80-85 on the gloss meter. If we hit 90 we would’ve done a fantastic job, we hit 104.7. That kind of gloss and clarity isn’t even possible with any other system due to the huge differences in mineral composition in the marble and black granite. No problem for Cheetah Pads though.

Picture 1 –  before

Picture 2 – After

Picture – After

Picture 4 – After

Not bad for a 100 year old floor huh?

Restoration Training class is available come and learns how to turn those “Before” to “After”

877 880 8453 or 323 731 8453

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