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Build a perfect curb for that unmatched shower area

April 27, 2010

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While building a shower area, a number of individuals give the least priority to a shower curb. The results of this negligence are frequent leaks and unnecessary expenses in repairs and maintenance of the shower area. The curb of your shower area acts as a dam and prevents water from spilling out to the floor. It is for this reason that the process of building a shower curb should be given high priority and should be completed with extreme care.

If a shower curb is not built with utmost care, the nails can puncture through the pan liner and can cause it to leak. It is to remove this problem that Kirb-Perfect can be an ideal solution. Kirb-Perfect is an easy to install structure that can be used to build a shower curb that is perfectly pitched and that maintains the integrity of the pan liner. Kirb-Perfect is made up of high quality non rotting plastic to ensure long durability of the curb structure.

Kirb-Perfect can be used both with a 2×4 membrane wrapped wooden curb as well as non-wooden curb. In both the cases, the nails are to be used on the outside of the curb structure, thereby ensuring that the integrity of the pan liner is not affected. The use of Kirb-Perfect also makes it easier to use light weight mud to cover the curb structure.

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The biggest advantage of Kirb-Perfect is that is allows construction of a curb even without the use of 2×4 wooden blocks. This can be done by inserting the pan liner between the interior and exterior portions of Kirb-Perfect while screwing them together. Since nails will not be used in the inside of the pan liner, there is no scope for any leakage to the sub floor.

The ease of installation associated with Kirb-Perfect makes it a perfect choice for ‘Do-It-Yourself’ enthusiasts. All that is required to use Kirb-Perfect in building a perfect shower curb is attaching its 3 sides and trimming it on the inside to accommodate pre-pitch. The next step is to place this structure over the 2×4 wooden blocks or over the pan liner and fill it with mud. The ease of installation and the high utility offered by Kirb-Perfect makes it an ideal choice for any shower area building project.

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A shower area is incomplete without a proper curb to keep the water in the shower area and to prevent it from splashing outside. Since your tile flooring is porous, there is a possibility that water might seep down to the pan liner. Although a pan liner is there to ensure that the water which seeps down is directed into the drain, in case your pan liner leaks, you could face serious problems of water accumulation. By using Kirb-Perfect, you can ensure that there is no damage to the pan liner and that in case any water seeps down to the sub floor, it is effectively directed into the drain. This would enable you to build a perfect curb for an unmatched shower area.

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