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Schluter Kerdi Waterproofing Cut



Schluter KERDI cut per order

Sold by Linear ft. priced by sq. ft. every feet run equal to 3.3 sq feet. ENTER THE TOTAL SQ FT NEEDED

Determine how many sq feet you need and select unit quantity needed. Example 36” x 36” shower floor with 1 foot overlap equals 9 linear feet = approx 29.7 sq feet, including one side curb.

Select the total unit (sq. ft) you need and it will round it to the nearest linear run.

Schluter-KERDI is a polyethylene waterproofing membrane with a very high steam-diffusion density. The material is physiologically safe. Schluter-KERDI requires no special disposal.

Schluter-KERDI is a bonded waterproof membrane with limited crack-bridging capabilities. It is made of soft polyethylene, which is covered on both sides with a special fleece webbing to anchor the membrane in the thin-set mortar.

Schluter-KERDI is waterproof and resistant to most chemicals commonly encountered in tiled environments. It is resistant to aging and will not rot. Schluter-KERDI is highly resistant to saline solutions, acid and alkaline solutions, many organic solvents, alcohols, and oils. Information regarding its resistance to specific substances can be provided if concentration, temperature, and duration of exposure are known. For acid-resistant coverings, use an epoxy adhesive to set and grout the tile.

Schluter-KERDI was developed as a waterproofing membrane to be used in conjunction with ceramic and stone tile coverings. Tiles can be installed directly on Schluter-KERDI using the thin-bed method. Other trowel-applied covering materials, such as plaster, can also be used.

Pre-cut sections of Schluter-KERDI are available for inside and outside corners, as well as for pipe collars. Use Schluter-KERDI-BAND, in widths of 5" (12.5 cm), 7-1/4" (18.5 cm), or 10" (25 cm) to seal butt joints or corner joints. Schluter-KERDI-FLEX, in 5" (12.5 cm) or 10" (25 cm) widths, is used to seal expansion joints or flexible edge joints.

Item No.
KERDI 200/5M
3' 3" x 16' 5" = 54 ft2 - 1 m x 5 m = 5 m2
KERDI 200/10M
3' 3" x 33' = 106 ft2 - 1 m x 10 m = 10 m2
3' 3" x 98' 5" = 323 ft2 - 1 m x 30 m = 30 m2
Membrane thickness: 8 mil

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