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Miracle Mira Brush Applicator And Tray



Miracle Mira Brush Applicator and Tray

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The Mira Brush and Applicator is a unique hand applicator designed for use with Miracle Sealants repellents and sealants. A foam reservoir disperses solution evenly onto the surface. In addition and NEW for 2010 is a convenient applicator tray for ease of application.

  • Paint tray included
  • Can be used with Paint, Sealers and Enhancers
  • Special foam acts as a reservoir to disperse solution evenly onto surface
  • Pads provide a thin, non-streaking, lint free application of sealers
  • Exact combination of foam provide constant 100% contact with the surface and flexes to high and low points of the surface
  • Designed to apply all sealers, paints and enhancers
  • Size: 2-Inch W by 2-Inch D by 11-Inch H


Pour material to be applied to surface into the enclosed tray.

Dip Applicator into solution and apply surface in gentle, even strokes.

Watch the Video oh how to use Mira Brush

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