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Gosford Glass and Stone Water Jet Frames - Terrigal Blend



Gosford Glass and Stone Water Jet Frames - Terrigal Blend

Material: Marble and Glass
Sheet Size: 11 3/4" x 11 3/4"
Color: Terrigal Blend
Finish: Honed, Polished and Matte
Backing: Mesh

Manufactured using state-of-the-art, waterjet technology to ensure precise tolerances when individual pieces are put together. With Frames, waterjet-cut stone and glass have been combined to create a totally unique statement in design.

With these classic colors and patterns, you will never go wrong. The timeless look and feel of these natural stones will be a great addition to any home.

Mosaics on mesh backing. Create features or cut down to use as borders.

Recommended Substrates:

  • Properly cured mortar beds-ANSI A108.1B (cured a minimum of 7 days).
  • Cementitious backer units (CBU)-ANSI A118.9.
  • Concrete slabs cured for 28 days minimum.
  • Gypsum board (dry areas only)-ASTM C1396 or ASTM C1396M-04.
  • Note: An ANSI A108A-2.1.8 membrane is required behind all CBU installations in wet areas.
  • Note: All glass, foil backed glass, stainless steel and copper metal, aluminum, resin metal and blended element products must be set a minimum of 8”away from any naked flame.

Note: The colors may slightly very from batch to batch and sheet to sheet.

We recommend sealing with a penetrating sealer prior to installation.

Glass Tiles Specifications and Care

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