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EZ Seat Tile Ready Bench 8



EZ Seat and Shelf 8

The Easiest Tile Shower Seat in the Business!

Size 8 x 8 x 11 1/2 Diagonal

The EZ Seat: Tile Shower Seat is a strong, durable, and simple to install bench seat that is great for new projects as well as remodeling or retro-fit projects.

  •  Fits 3/16" Grout Joint
  •  Easy 10 Minute "No Flange" Installation
  •  Strong Sturdy
  •  Two Sizes: 16" Seat 8" Shelf
  • Hardened Specially Coated 3/16" Aluminum Resists Oxidation
  • New and Retro-fit Installation
  • No Voids to Fill No Additional Hardware Needed
  • No Blocking or Supports Needed


Size: 8" x  8" x Diagonal: 11 1/2"
Thickness: 3/16"
Load Capacity: 350 lbs
Material: Solid Aluminum
Coating: Epoxy

The EZ Seat is a solid aluminum corner bench seat for tile showers. The unique design allows the seat to fit in a standard 3/16" tile joint. There are no flanges or protruding pieces to work around, no voids to fill, and no blocking to install. This means you are assured easy installation on new projects as well as remodeling and retro-fit projects.

EZ Seat and Shelf Installation


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