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Quartz Linear Shower Drain Glass - Black Finish

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Quartz Linear Shower Drain Glass - Black Finish

Glass - Modern and Sleek look - High-Quality Tempered Glass

Complete Set Channel Body, Grate cover, Lifting Key, Adjustable Feet, Hardware

To be use in wood joist application with CPE membrane

Length 27.55" (700mm), Intake 15.39 sq. in.
Length 31.50" (800mm), Intake 17.71 sq. in.
Length 35.43" (900mm), Intake 20.03 sq. in.
Length 39.37" (1000mm), Intake 22.35 sq. in.
Length 47.25" (1200mm), Intake 26.68 sq. in.

Linear Shower Channel Drains Provide Improved Function and Good Looks


• 2" diameter central vertical outlet
• Flow rate: at entrance of - 6.3 GPM (0.6 l/s). against the wall - 9.5 GPM (0.6 l/s).
• Channel Width 3.3" (84mm)
• Plastic support feet aid installation.

Black Finish

The Glass shower drain has a modern and sleek look that can complement a variety of tile choices. The black finish pairs well with almost any color and style. It is made with high-quality tempered glass that will give off just the right amount of sheen, making it easy to keep clean and looking like new.

With easy installation you can have these installed in no time. Ensure the system is installed in accordance with instructions and recommendations.

ACO recommends checking local plumbing codes prior to installation.

A linear shower channel drain, such as QuARTz by ACO, provide a number of advantages over circular point drains. First of all, flexibility in positioning allows you to place the shower channel drain in the center of a shower or other wet area, against the walls, or let it act as the threshold. As a threshold, it becomes the water barrier that keeps dry zones dry. This allows for more of an open floor plan and traffic flow because it allows the shower or other wet area to be open, without the need of a door.

QuARTz linear shower channel drains come in standard tile widths which mean all those tricky, complicated tile cuts around to make something fit are eliminated. The innovation of a flat, shower channel adds to the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom area. The layout can be more open and uncluttered by doors and doorway thresholds that were in place to be water barriers. Now that your floor has its own water barrier in the form of a QuARTz linear shower channel drain, that shower door is no longer needed.

QuARTz linear shower channel drains have a distinctive, attractive European design. Drains are available in 28", 32", 36", 40", 48", 55" and 60" lengths. In combination, it is likely that any area where you would like to have a linear shower channel fills the space, can be done.

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