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Quartz by Aco Linear Shower Drains

April 6, 2011

Instruction and Installation for Quartz Linear Shower Channel Drains

QuARTz by ACO Linear Shower Drains

QuARTz by ACO Linear Shower Drains

QuARTz by ACO Linear Shower Drains Light line

The shower drainage option designed to impress

QuARTz by ACO shower channel solutions inspire creative bathroom planning. They allow the use or elimination of physical barriers within the bathroom floor and can be incorporated into a wide range of designs.

Gratings can be replaced or LED lights added at a later date to generate a totally new look.

Quality and functionality The high quality of the components is not limited to the design, materials and finish; ease of handling and installation are given the same attention to detail.

The difference is in the details Products are designed to provide a long, reliable service life. The smooth surfaces guarantee safe drainage and hygiene in bathrooms. The seals, joints and materials guarantee low noise emissions

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