ATR Tile Leveling System

ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System

Align - Tile - Remedy

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Tiling made easy with the ATR Tile Leveler

4 to 1 Ratio - One ATR Tile spacer eliminates the need to stand 4 Straps or Clips spacers on end around the intersection of four tiles.

You only need 1 cross spacing plate for 4 tiles NOT 4 Clips like every other Leveling System

While every other system require 360 units for 100 pieces of tile ATR require only 117

Very easy to learn and use at any skill level

Advantages of the ATR Tile Levelers

  • No Tools (GUN) needed! No expensive hand tools required.
  • Simple and quick to lay with only 2 elements: Spacer & Pre-Assemble Spindle.
  • The only system removed without the use of force.
  • Only System that leave clean grout line (no risk of spacers not breaking all the way)
  • (+) Cross shaped Spacers allows for 2/3 of savings.
  • Creates a lippage free surface.
  • Keeps tiles in place while drying.
  • Assists in aligning tiles.
  • Stress free installation.
  • Professional finishes every time.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Saves time.
  • Suitable for both floors and walls.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Reusable spindle, save money on you next project.
  • Designed and made in Australia.

Example of the difference between ATR to other leveling system

Grout spacer 5/64" (2mm) - Tile thickness 15/64 - 51/64 (1/4 - 3/4) (6mm-20mm)

100 pieces of tile project ATR use total of 117 spacers with approximately cost of $29.99 compare to any other leveling system 360 spacers with cost of $44.00

About 33% saving in money of spacers and over 66% time saving in Labor of saving on installing additional 243 pieces

Tiles can often be difficult to install perfectly level, especially when the floor foundation is slightly uneven and large format, heavy tiles are used. As a result, tiles which seemed level during installation, are found to be uneven once the tile adhesive is set which can compromise the aesthetics of a room.

This problem completely solved by the ATR Leveling System. The spacers combined with spindle hold the tiles perfectly level. Once the adhesive is set the spindles can be removed and the leaving the tiles ready for the grout.

This process will also speed up the installation process. Therefore the ATR Leveling System enable tiles to installed easily, quickly and perfectly level.

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