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ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System

October 18, 2012

ATR Tile Leveling System

  • No Tools (GUN) needed! No expensive hand tools required.
  • Simple and quick to lay with only 2 elements: Spacer & Spindle.
  • The only system removed without the use of force.
  • Only System that leave clean grout line (no risk of spacers not breaking all the way)
  • (+) Cross shaped Spacers allows for 2/3 of savings.
  • (T) Spacers for use with brick pattern, subway layout, herringbone, etc.
  • Creates a lippage free surface.
  • Keeps tiles in place while drying.
  • Assists in aligning tiles.
  • Stress free installation.
  • Professional finishes every time.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Saves time.
  • Suitable for both floors and walls.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Reusable spindle, save money on you next project.
  • Designed and made in Australia.


ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System Preview (latest video 07/19/2017)

ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System Instructional Video using Cross, T shape and Edge spacers
(Posted video 12/27/2016)

How to quickly remove the Spindle

ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System Instructional Video using Edge spacers only (video 04/07/2013)

ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System Instructional Video Using Cross Spacers

ATR Tile Leveling system are the only system that allow you to remove the spindle without a use of any force, simply use 10mm socket for a quick removal of the re-usable spindles.
With this great patent you eliminate any risk of chipping or scratching your tile.

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One thought on “ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System

  1. In reply to Jim Fontella.

    Hi Jimmy

    The prices are on this link

    Yes we do supply the screw with the spindles
    We do recommend the ATR Leveling System over all other leveling for few good reason,
    if you look at our charts on a sample of 100 pieces of tile you use 117 ATR spacers compare to 360 with other leveling system, this alone result in saving on labor time and money, product cost overall are cheaper with the ATR, shipping cost, especially in large project when you need 1000s spacers to move around to few 100s.

    You can contact us at 877 880 8453 if you need any more help

  2. I am a small contractor in Michigan I’ve looked at a few leveling systems and yours peaks my interest the most. I have never used a leveling system before. Could you send me a price list via email on the different quantities packages of both your spacers and the spindles…..also do you supply the screws.

    Merry Christmas……Jimmy

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