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Warmup Ice Deicing - Roof & Gutter Heating 200 - WRGH

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Warmup Ice Deicing - Roof and Gutter Heating 200 ft- WRGH

Kit Include; 200 sq,ft Cable, roof Clips, Spacers

Warmup WRGH cables are intended for use on all types of roofs, including rubber, metal, clay and asphalt shingles.

The Warmup WRGH is a constant wattage roof de-icing system supplied in pre-terminated plug-in kits.

The Warmup WRGH is a constant wattage roof de-icing system supplied in pre-terminated plug-in kits.It is offered in sizes from 30ft to 240ft, from 150W to 1,200W. It is supplied with roof-fixing clips


The Warmup WRGH kits are sold pre-assembled with a 3-prong plug in order to provide a simple, DIY solution to resolve ice dams and snow accumulation on roof lines.

While spacing will impact the eventual output, the WRGH cables are designed for residential use. For heavy-duty and commercial applications, please refer to the NAMSR product range (submittal sheet WSC-0929) from Warmup.

  • Not suitable for Pipe Freeze Protection
  • Do not overlap or terminate cable
  • Turn system off after the snow season
  • Must be connected to GFCI protected outlet or breaker.

An optional WRS-2 Controller can be purchased to reduce usage and electrical draw when temperatures are above 40°F. It is highly recommended to increase product life and to reduce risk of fires or burn outs.


  • Suitable for all roof types
  • Metal structures
  • Downspouts and Gutters


  • Operating voltage - 120V
  • Output rating - 5W/ft
  • Cold Tail length - 6ft 18/3 cold lead with plug
  • Approvals - ETL, CSA


When installed according to the installation manual, the WRGH is covered with Warmup’s 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Warmup Roof De-icing installation Instructions WRGH

Warmup Roof De-icing Spec Sheet WRGH


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