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Warmup 4iE Portrait Smart Programmable Thermostat - 4iE-V03



Warmup 4iE Portrait Smart Programmable Thermostat

Touch-Screen and programmable Thermostat (Non Wifi)

For use with electric underfloor heating systems and electric baseboard heat, the 4iE does not require programming and uses Warmup’s latest technologies to ensure your home is always at the desired temperature, at the right time, for you. Two options are offered, with and without WiFi.

Easy to use - The 4iE’s heating controls are easy to use and it doesn’t require programming. The set-up can be completed within a few simple steps.

Key Features:

The SmartGeo technology within 4iE’s partnered MyHeating app controls your heating automatically by knowing how far from home you are and warming your home in time for your arrival. This prevents energy wastage and can save you up to 25% on your energy bills.

The Warmup® 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat that you know and love is now compatible with Amazon Alexa in North America. With Amazon Alexa integration, controlling your floor heat is now easier than ever.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions - (H/W/D): 90 x 110 x 18mm
  • Dual-voltage 120V-240V Dual Voltage
  • Built-in Class A GFCI
  • Sensors - Air and floor/ambient (can be extended to 50m)
  • Compatible with electric and hydronic underfloor heating systems up to 15A
  • Installation depth - 35 mm back box
  • IP rating - IP33
  • Er-P Class - IV
  • 3-year warranty

Your Smart Underfloor Heating Thermostat

The 4iE® is quite simply the smartest line voltage thermostat on the market. We designed it so you wouldn’t have to use it. Your 4iE® will recommend the best setting for each room based on usage.

The 4iE® has been specially engineered to provide energy-monitoring both in wattage and cost to ensure optimum power usage.

The 4iE® series is built to fit a horizontal or vertical double gang electrical mount. The face of the device is an attractive touchscreen panel providing intuitive menus to control the device.

The 4iE® has a built-in Class A GFCI rated at 5mA. All 4iE® thermostats are dual voltage and can be powered at 120 or 240V. The 4iE® can switch up to 15 Amps worth of true load.

All 4iE® thermostats have a built-in Ambient Sensor and come supplied with a Floor Sensor to monitor floor or slab temperatures. It can operate on AIR, FLOOR or AIR + FLOOR modes for Primary Heating.

Easy to use and fully compatible with Warmup’s electric floor heating systems

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