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Quartz ShowerPoint Lighpoint Green



Quartz Water activated ShowerPoint LED Lights - Green

Water activated LED illumination through the grate, plumbing connectors and outlet sieve.

Include: LED light packs, charging unit and power cord

If your QuARTz by ACO linear drain isn't unique and eye-catching enough on its own then a conversation-starting option are distinctive, water-activated LED lights. This feature automatically turns on in the presence of water and shuts off within seconds of when the water stops flowing through the drain. The lights create glowing color from beneath the grate and out through the slots; an elegant aesthetic addition exclusive to QuARTz shower drains.

Water activated LED light unit; sits below the grate and illuminates whenever the water is running. Available in red, green, blue or white.

Water activated LED lights Illumination is possible for both standard and custom shower channels. The illumination is based on simple circuit completion: as sufficient water runs over the LED light packs the circuit connects the contacts of the LED light modules and the lights turn on. When the water stops running the illumination switches off. Allowing a daily showering duration of 15 minutes, batteries would need to be recharged after approx. three months.


Ambiance is an atmosphere for relaxation and opulence. Quality shower head manufacturers have brought light to a water source, QuARTz introduces light to the point of water exit.
An optional upgrade to a QuARTz shower channel is the LED light feature that is activated once the water is turnedon and turns off seconds after the water flow stops.

  • Suitable for all grate designs
  • Automatically illuminate when in contact with water
  • Light kit consisting of: 2 x rechargeable LED packs 1 x 110V UL rated low voltage charger
  • Choice of colors; red, green, blue, rainbow (alternating colors)

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