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Pearl Abrasive P4 Turbo-Mesh Porcelain Blade

From: $39.60


Pearl P4 Turbo-Mesh Porcelain Diamond Blade

Excellent for Porcelain, Granite, Hard Tile and Natural Stone!

Available 4" - 41/2" - 5" - 7" and 10"


4" x .048 x 7/8, 20mm, 5/8 max RPM 15,000
4-1/2" x .048 x 7/8, 20mm, 5/8 max RPM 13,300
5" x .048 x 7/8, 20mm, 5/8 max RPM 12,000
7" x .048 x 7/8, 20mm, 5/8 max RPM 7,640

10" x .063 x 7/8, 20mm, 5/8 max RPM 6,115

  • Large 10mm diamond rim.
  • Extra Long Life
  • Thin Turbo-mesh rim and core for fast cutting and minimal chipping
  • Ideal for cutting extra hard Ceramics, Porcelain and other dense materials
  • Fast Cutting
  • Wet or dry cutting.

Pearl’s New P4™ Turbo-Mesh Porcelain Blade is designed to cut Porcelain and other tiles. The thin rim and core in conjunction with the Turbo-Mesh diamond pattern allows this blade to cut smooth and virtually chip free. In addition, the unique Turbo-Mesh diamond is engineered so greatly reduce heat while cutting, extending blade life. It is manufactured with a reinforced core for strength and durability. Pearl’s P4™ Turbo-Mesh Porcelain is ideal for dry cutting on all types of tile including granite tiles.

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