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The Flooring Supply Shop carries a selection of Teak Shower Floors including Premium African Teak Shower Floors and Teak Wood Mats in several sizes. African Teak Shower Floors  come in either a Smooth and a Groove finish. We also have the option to custom order Teak Wood Mats in any desired size. Don't miss our selection of Rectangular, Square and Corner Teak Benches.

Every quality shower needs a reliable, durable, and moisture-resistant shower floor, ideally while looking worthy of a home design show or luxury spa. That’s where teak shower floors come in.

What is a Teak Shower Floor?

Teak shower floors are made from the tropical hardwood of the tall teak or Tectona grandis tree, native to South and Southeast Asia. The teak tree is part of the Lamiaceae family and only grows in certain climates.


A teak shower floor is typically a teak wood insert with slats resembling a bamboo mat that sits over the shower floor. You can also find a mat, tray, or one large custom-designed slat. Shower floors are often made with more common materials like plastic, tile, and fiberglass. Teak flooring is a strong, high-grade natural wood with a sophisticated and sought-after modern look. 

What are the Benefits of a Teak Shower Floor?

Here are some of the many benefits of a glossy teak wood shower floor:



From boats and shower floors to patio furniture, teak wood is often a material of choice because it can withstand water and rain. The natural oils and minerals and the close grain of this unique wood allow it to resist frequent exposure to water without treatment.



You can usually expect any of your teak furniture to last for decades. Some teak outdoor benches are over 100 years old. Teak wood is strong, durable, and naturally resistant to moisture, rot, mold, mildew, warping, pests, temperature changes, and weathering. It can be used inside and outside, commercially or residentially, and it doesn’t chip or scratch easily. It’s also harder than other woods like cedar and mahogany.


Beautiful Grain and Texture

Teak shower floors have an impressive lifespan and a beautiful rustic look, making them good value. The warm golden-brown or coffee color of this fashionable hardwood provides an upscale beachy feel for any bathroom. The color might alter slightly with age but remains beautiful.


Easy to Upkeep

This exotic wood is long-lasting without treatment, but properly cleaning your teak shower floor insert will increase the lifespan and maintain the color and appearance. Normal and harsh chemical bathroom cleaners could damage the floor. It’s recommended you clean it with a soft-bristled brush and a special teak wood cleaner or with water and mild soap. Rinse the floor with clean water and let the wood air dry. Occasionally, you can use a special polish designed for teak wood to preserve the full glossiness.


Warm and Comfortable

Wood holds heat and warms your feet more than traditional tile or pebble floors. Teak shower floor tiles are also less slippery and more comfortable.

Are Teak Shower Floors Sustainable?

Teak is not an endangered wood; it’s sustainable because commercially, most of it is sourced from government-regulated plantations or farms in specific areas rather than illegal logging in natural forests. All of our Flooring Supply Shop products are made with marine-grade stainless steel hardware, and all teak wood is FSC-certified and grown on sustainable plantations in Central America. High-quality teak is farmed on plantations as a renewable resource with certification systems in place. Because teak is pest-resistant, the trees can be grown in an eco-friendly way without insecticides and chemicals.

Choosing the Right Teak Shower Floor

When choosing the right teak wood shower floor insert for your bathroom, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Quality and grade of the wood
  • Quality of the craftsmanship
  • Drainage (how quickly it allows water to drain)
  • The right size and shape to fit your shower 
  • Different stains, finishes, and colors
  • Inlay designs or patterns
  • Pricing (is it a reasonable price within your budget?)
  • Sustainability (is it sourced from a plantation?)
  • Versatility (where and how can it be used?)
  • Supported weight


You’ll need to consider your budget and the look you’re going for. Do you prefer a rectangular shape? Do you like the inlay design? How much weight can it support? What would look best in your shower?

The Look and Longevity of Teak Shower Floors

There’s a reason people are talking about these striking, stylish natural wood floors. They’re long-lasting, fight against moisture and humidity, and are perfect for commercial, residential, indoor, and outdoor showers.


The Flooring Supply Shop carries a selection of teak wood shower floors and mats, including Serene Grade A mats, custom-order mats, and premium African teak shower floors in a groove or a smooth grain finish. Upgrade your shower with a rectangular, square, or corner teak bench or the practical fold-up bench that mounts to the shower wall. Keep your teak in pristine condition with our teak wood cleaning kit.

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