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High Gloss Acrylic Floor Polish - Gallon



Glaze n Seal High Gloss Acrylic Floor Polish - Gallon

A superior high gloss acrylic floor polish designed to protect and extend the life of your sealed floor indoors. Use on plain or decorative concrete, slate, brick, saltillo tile, terrazzo, quarry tile, etc. Clear finish with excellent slip, abrasion resistance, and black heel resistance. Easy to apply, fast drying, no buffing necessary - extends the life of all sealed surfaces.

Formulated Especially For:

Quarry Tile • Mexican & Paver Tile • Slate • Flagstone Colored & hard Troweled Concrete • Brick • Terrazzo • Stamped Concrete • French Provincial Tile

Glaze ’N Seal Floor Polish is a product of revolutionary new chemistry, designed to produce a high gloss finish with extreme protection against foot traffic, abrasion and scuffing, on difficult floor surfaces.


  • Made specifically for Tile and Masonry Type Surfaces.
  • High Initial gloss and superior rated gloss retention.
  • Slip Resistance: Excellent. Coefficient of friction exceeds 0.5.
  • Economy: Easily applied, self polishing finish that can also be buffed.
  • Wear resistance 5-7 KHN, compared to industry standards of 2-4 KHN.


Apply Glaze ’N Seal Floor Polish with a sponge mop, soft cloth or standard wax applicator.
Two or more light coats should be applied initially.
Avoid creating excess foam when sponge is used.
Do not puddle polish. Allow the first coat 30-50 minutes until dry “to the touch” before applying second coat. Additional coats will give additional protection and gloss.


Floor surfaces should be clean and dry. Remove all dirt, defective waxes, coatings and efflorescence on masonry type surfaces.
Porous surfaces and grout must be pre-sealed with a Glaze ’N Seal sealer (Lacquer, Multipurpose Sealer or Olé) prior to application of Floor Polish. Floor Polish acts as a protective traffic coating to protect the sealer and substrate. On some dense floors, polish may be applied directly to the surface.



This is normally not required as this non-yellowing formula can last for years when maintained as directed. Polish, if necessary, can be removed with Alkaline cleaner or ammonia and water.


Do not shake or stir. Do not allow to freeze in its liquid state. Recommended for nonabsorbent surfaces only.

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