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Uni Bond Tile repair Glue

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Uni Bond Tile repair Glue 10.3 oz

Uni Bond is designed to re-adhere tiles whenever a loss of bond has occurred. With it’s unique elastomeric qualities, Uni Bond archives a solid bond, yet allows for limited deflection ( a common cause for loss of bond). Note: Uni Bond is limited to tiles set over properly prepared concrete substrate or exterior grade plywood. For interior applications only.


1. Establish which tiles have hollow areas under them by tapping lightly with the Rubber Mallet.

2. Using the 1/8 masonry drill bit, drill into the grout joint. The depth you are drilling is slightly more than the depth of the tile. Your will need 4-8 holes per tile and use care not to drill into the tile.

3. Use the shop vac to clear away all loose debris in the holes and around the tile.

4. Shake Uni Bond well, then attach tip before inserting in the caulking gun. Put the tip of the nozzle directly into the drilled hole and inject with light pressure. Now begin tapping the tile with the Rubber Mallet, rotate the Caulking Gun around to the other holes of that tile untilUni Bond begins to clean up through them.

5. Clean any excess material immediately with sponge and water.

6. Carefully place weighted bucket of water on the reset tiles and allow a minimum of 24 hours of curing.

7. Fill holes with matching Caulking or Original Grout color.

Easy to apply

No dust or mess

Saves Time & Money

Eliminates Tile matching problems

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