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Flooring Supply Shop carries a variety of eco-friendly polishing pads ideal for surface refinement. These environmentally friendly granite polishing pads effectively restore various surface materials, including marble, travertine, limestone, and terrazzo. Our granite polishing pads are also completely washable and reusable, so you know you'll be getting the most out of each polishing pad.

With our Granite Polishing Pads, you'll conveniently be able to perform efficient and high-quality stone restoration with a much less expensive method. So what are you waiting for? Come check out our wide selection of Granite Polishing Pads available in varying grit, types, and sets here at Flooring Supply Shop.


What is Granite Polishing Pad?


Granite Polishing Pads are a material used to preserve and refine granite surface materials. Professionals or DIY homeowners use it to clean paint and remove scratches and stains. On top of that, highly polished granite also results in granite appearing good as new, assuming that the polishing pads are effectively used. Polishing Pads function as corrections and refinements for surface materials through the use of machine or hand polishing.


Why Should You Polish Granite?

The elegant and sleek appearance of granite makes them much more appealing, especially for patios, bathrooms, and kitchen worktops. However, it is still vulnerable to wear and tear, especially for granite surfaces that haven't been appropriately maintained and polished for years.

Polishing Granite is an effective way of preserving the stone's beauty and appeal. It is great for removing unnecessary damages, scratches, and stains while retaining the stone's natural appearance. 

Most granite surfaces should only require polishing every 5-15 years to effectively preserve their quality and appearance.


How to Use Granite Polishing Pads?

For those who don't know how to use granite polishing pads for surface refinement, here's an easy step-by-step guide for polishing granite and marble.


  • Step 1: Before polishing the surface, make sure to vacuum or sweep to remove abrasive soil
  • Step 2: Before using the polishing pads, ensure the surface is already clean and rinsed.
  • Step 3: Insert your polishing pad into your chosen equipment, whether you'll be using a hand tool or a floor machine.
  • Step 4: Slightly dampen the surface area you'll be polishing.
  • Step 5: Gently move your polishing tool counter-clockwise to keep the water inside the working area.
  • Step 6: As you polish the surface, assess whether you see the desired results or not. If not, continue going through the surface until achieved.
  • Step 7: If yes, repeat the process thoroughly for the rest of the surface, one section at a time.


How to Choose Polishing Pads? 

Picking the right polishing pad can be tricky, especially for those who haven't used them before. There are different types of polishing pads meant for various applications. To help you make an informed decision, here are a few factors you need to consider in choosing the correct polishing pads.


Surface Material: One of the most important things you should consider is the type of surface material you'll use the polishing pads for. The type of stone will determine which polishing pad is best for you.

Stone Shade or Color: If you want to achieve your desired results using polishing pads, stone color is also something you should consider. Dark stones work well on dark resin pads and vice versa.

Thickness of Polishing Pads: Thicker polishing pads tend to be more capable of handling wear and tear, making them last longer than thinner alternatives. However, thick polishing pads are also more rigid and stiff.

Wet or Dry Application: Certain polishing pads are meant for wet application, and some are best used in dry situations. Determining how you'll use these pads will help you gauge which is more suitable.

Versatility of Use: Versatility is another crucial factor to consider, as particular pads are only specifically used for special applications. 


Where to Buy Granite Polishing Pads? 

Here at Flooring Supply Shop, we aim to provide you with all the necessary tools and equipment you'll need for a wide range of flooring applications. Here, you'll find a variety of granite polishing pads market at the most affordable prices you'll ever see.

We offer you our environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, and chemical-free polishing pads that will effectively help you in surface refinement. Quickly restore your granite materials through these high-quality polishing pads, available online at Flooring Supply Shop today!

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