Tuscan Leveling System PRO I Kit

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Tuscan Leveling System - Pro I Kit

Pro Start up Kit

This kit for the pro building up your Tuscan leveling as you go

Kit Include

• Standard Tool Gun • 200 Re-usable Caps • 500 Strap Non Re-usable


  • Reduce installer fatigue/stress.
  • Virtually lippage free, flat surface drastically
  • Reduces the need for grinding and polishing.
  • Prevents tiles from moving while curing.
  • Re-usable caps.


Straps should be soaked in room temperature (or lukewarm) water for 2 hours or 30 minutes in hot water prior to use. Soaking is one time only regardless of how long the straps are on hand. This increases the straps elastic strength, thus giving the straps maximum tension needed for proper installation.

The Tuscan Leveling System is an innovative new two-piece, cap & strap, installation system that is revolutionizing the way the world installs large format porcelain and stone tiles. This innovative new system is designed to be used with tiles of uniform thickness (gauged tile). The Tuscan Leveling System will save the installer time and money. With the Tuscan Leveling System, installers are able to set, align, level and space, thus reducing the need to re-lift tile and add more setting material to ensure alignment. In addition, by virtually eliminating lippage, this will reduce costly call backs and save the installers reputation, which is priceless.

The Tuscan Leveling System is an innovative product that will greatly assist most anyone in, the installation of stone and ceramic tiles. It is designed to create a virtual lippage free installation with stone and tiles.
The system interlocks the tiles, virtually creating a single flat slab surface while the setting material is curing. The interlocking design of the system reduces and in most cases eliminates settling from shrinkage, as well as minimizing the possibility of warping.
The system reduces the need to re-lift tiles to add more mud and/or the process of shimming tiles; thus greatly increasing the speed of installation, all the while creating that much desired lippage free mirror surface. In addition, the caps are reusable dozens of times.

Passes standard industrial (TCMA Robinson) compression test

Click Here to View Action Video - Tuscan Leveling System - Coverage Chart - Installation Guidelines - Tuscan Leveling System Installation FAQ


  • Model: TLS-KIT-PRO1


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5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)

  • By Armin Abbassi on Jan 5, 2013
    Great product. Although the subflooring was not level, this tool greatly reduced lippage in the travertine tiles i installed. I will never install another stone tile without this system. Little pricey though.
  • By Antonios Galagalas on Jun 2, 2012
    Immediate response to every question or query. Excellent service. Perfect seller. Excellent product.
  • By Robert Truthton on Jun 29, 2011
    Hi Guys, Everything is OK. I do not have any problem so far from my friend to whom I sent you product. Thank you, Robert Truthton


Tuscan Leveling System PRO I Kit