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Warmup DCM-PRO Heating Cable 20 sq ft 120V

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Warmup DCM-PRO Heating Cable 20 sq ft

Available Voltage: 120 Volt Only

The Warmup DCM-PRO Cable is a custom designed cable compatible with all uncoupling membranes. It can be installed at 2, 3 or 4 pegs. The cable itself allows primary heating thanks to the twin-core ETFE cable, for highest output. It is guaranteed 30-years. Even better results when used with Warmup 4iE® Smart Thermostat.

Cable length (ft) Resistance
Amps Watts 2 pegs 3 pegs 4 pegs
66.3 55.4 2.16 260 13 20 27

The DCM-PRO Heating Cable is durable and flexible. It’s ETFE inner jacket allows for high heat output while it’s PVC outer sleeve protects for a smooth installation. The DCM-PRO Heating cable is suitable for use with both Membrane options.

The DCM-PRO Membrane’s castellations make fitting the Heating Cable easy, quick, and tool free! The DCM-PRO Membrane protects the secured cable from any potential damage during installation – leading to a reduced risk of cable failures.


  • Operating voltage - 120V, 208V or 240V
  • Thickness - 3/16” (4.5mm - +/- 0.2mm)
  • Output - Approx. 4W/lin foot
  • Construction - Multi-stranded, dual wire
  • Inner insulation - ETFE
  • Outer jacket - PVC
  • Earth braid - 85% min copper
  • Cold lead - 10ft (3m) long, 2 core braided

The Warmup DCM-PRO Cable is compatible with Schluter® DITRA-HEAT, Prodeso Heat Mat, Flextherm FLEXSnap, Heatmatrix and Warmup DCM-PRO Membrane

WARRANTY & MAINTENANCE When installed according to the installation manual, the DCM-PRO Cable is covered with Warmup’s 30-year manufacturer warranty.

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