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Victoria Series Corner Foot Prop - Matte Black



Victoria™ Series Corner Foot Prop/Shelf - Matte Black

Matte Black

Victoria™ Series Foot Props and Shelves for tiled showers are designed for leg shaving utility in the shower or alternatively, use as a shelf for smaller shower and bath products.

Available colors Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, Matte Black and Oil Rub Bronze

Approximately Dimension: 6” x 4.5”

NO SCREW, Will not violate waterproofing, plumbing or wiring no more drilling

Tileware's Foot Prop / Shelf is designed for corner location and can be mounted at a height for leg shaving in the shower or at other locations for use as a shelf. With clean styling and function, you never have to worry that use will dislodge Tileware's Foot Prop / Shelf. Victoria™ Series Foot Prop / Shelf for tiled showers provide the utility you need with a stylist look. Not only extraordinary strong, this system was designed for installation exclusively by tile professionals. Constructed from solid zinc our premium finishes come with a 5 year warranty.

TileWare's styling elements and variety of finishes will seamlessly integrate with your shower and bath design. By combining style, function and our patented, mortar-based fastener technology, our foot prop / shelf provides both style and longevity.

Installation Kit Include:

  • 1. Top casting (cover)
  • 1. Bottom Casting
  • 1 Fastener Assembly
  • 3 Screw
  • 1. Stabilizer

Each PermaTile Foot Prop Fastener was designed to install on the top of a row (between a grout joint) or in the body of a tile

Fastener base is a fraction thicker than 3/32"

Shower Organization Ideas in Thinset and Tile Watch a set of pictures with some great ideas for your shower

  • Will not violate waterproofing, plumbing or wiring no more drilling
  • Tested by TCNA (Tile Council of North America) Designed specifically for tile applications by tile installers
  • Designed specifically for tile professionals
  • Encourages quick turnaround where shelving is required
  • Eliminates failures resulting from drilling into completed tile work - such as puncturing waterproofing, tile breakage, plumbing and wiring intrusions
  • Eliminates the need for wood blocking behind the wall
  • Installation can occur within the body of a tile or a grout joint
  • Learn how to install in minutes
  • No special tools required

Foot Rest Specification Sheet

Installation Instructions - Video

Installation Instructions - Read

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