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TI-ProBoard Deck and Shower Structural Underlayment

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TI-ProBoard Underlayment for Tiling Outdoor Decks

This product sold by linear run and sold in pieces of 4' 8' and 12' feet. X 12 inch wide

Price showing are per sq ft

12 ft. are Special Order, will ship on pallet only (shipping calculator are for small orders, all others contact us for shipping quote)

shipping calculator are for small orders, all others contact us for shipping quote

For small orders shipped UPS the 8 ft (96 inch) will be cut down to 95" inch


Screws - 2 screw per sq ft each box contain 250 screws

This product deliver by trucking and the shipping estimate not applied to this products, Contact us for delivery cost

TI-ProBoard is the base of a unique system to form a solid tiled surface to new or existing floors.

TI- ProBoard, underlayment boards for outdoor tiling installs directly to deck joists to provide a stable 3/8 in. substrate for installation of tile rather than traditional decking boards. Easy for home owner or professional installer, TI-Proboard prepares the deck surface for setting materials and tile installation. Tile the entire deck surface, a walkway, or insert a pad for grills and fire pits to help prevent stain or harm to the deck’s surface. Enjoy stylish outdoor solid surfaces that are durable and easy to maintain.

INTERIOR USE - TI-ProBoard can applied straight to the floor joist then tile (total thickness is less than 1 inch when using a standard tile. Making the transition from room with carpet to tile almost seamless (carpet will be on a plywood) compared to the standard tile installation of (plywood, subfloor, tile) which would be higher that a carpeted room and would require a “step up” to the tile area

TI-ProBoard is an anti-fracture material to protect the tile and is placed over plywood, (plywood will have failures)

TI-ProBoard is a structural material so there is no other plywood, backer boards etc.

To install, layout TI-ProBoard across the joists, clip each section together, use one coated deck screw to screw down each panel on every joist. Each joist is 16” on center.

No special tools are required. When your deck is finished there is a dry area underneath for storage.

The smallest tile that can be used - 6" x 6"

The weight per sq ft. of all components - Dead weight around 8 lbs. sq ft".

In accordance with the Performance - Level Requirement Guide of the 2003-2004 Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation, the installation is rated as “EXTRA HEAVY” suitable for use in dairies, breweries, etc.

Fully loaded TI-ProBoard (i.e. mortar, thin-set, Porcelain tile, and grout.) is 8lbs of dead weight per square foot

TI-ProBoard warranty - 10 years

We are in process of getting a Fire Test rating on TI Proboard

TI-Proboard - Watch the video

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