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TI-Proboard Underlayment for Exterior Deck Installations

May 4, 2018

TI-Proboard Underlayment for Exterior Deck Installations How to Install

TI Board is the base of a unique system to form a solid tiled surface to new or existing floors.

TI- Proboard, underlayment boards for outdoor tiling installs directly to deck joists to provide a stable 3/8 in. substrate for installation of tile rather than traditional decking boards. Easy for home owner or professional installer, TI-Proboard prepares the deck surface for setting materials and tile installation. Tile the entire deck surface, a walkway, or insert a pad for grills and fire pits to help prevent stain or harm to the deck’s surface. Enjoy stylish outdoor solid surfaces that are durable and easy to maintain.

INTERIOR USE – TI Board can applied straight to the floor joist then tile (total thickness is less than 1 inch when using a standard tile. Making the transition from room with carpet to tile almost seamless (carpet will be on a plywood) compared to the standard tile installation of (plywood, subfloor, tile) which would be higher that a carpeted room and would require a “step up” to the tile area

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