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SunTouch Radiant Custom TapeMats 30 sq

From: $869.40


SunTouch® Radiant Custom TapeMats™ 30

Select Voltage and Mat only or Kit

30 sq. ft 120 Volts or 240 Volts

Kit Includes: (for those who purchase the Kit)

  • Heating Mat
  • Programmable Thermostat 500775-SB
  • Loudmouth Installation Monitor
  • Installation Manual

Features & Benefits of the NEW Custom TapeMat include:

  • Quicker, Simpler, Easier installation – The TapeMat is pre-shaped to fit any area
  • Taping down the mat & then either thinsetting or self-leveling over the mat in one step.
  • Open Weave TapeMat allows for a one-step application w/ thinset or self-leveler
  • Ability to potentially alter TapeMat configuration if dimensions of the heated area change
  • Simple to adjust for curves, angles, and cut-outs
  • Double sided tape adheres to subfloor for faster layouts
  • All of the other features and benefits of our standard TapeMat product
  • UL Listed at 12 Watts / square foot

Only at Lowest Price Guaranteed on Suntouch flooring systems For radiant floor heating systems, SunTouch has designed a wide range of floor mats that warm stone and tile floors. SunTouch Heating Mat Kits 2ft are suitable for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, entries and sunrooms and more.

The radiant heating mats constitute a heating cable, a foil radiator, and a set of power leads for connection to the floor-sensing control.

How to Order:

  1. Send in a drawing to
  2. Drawing must contain the following:
    1. Complete, accurate dimensions of the area to be heated. Include all wall dimensions from start to finish around the room.
    2. Thermostat location
    3. Dimensions of any obstructions in the heated area (vents, plug-ins, plumbing, etc.)
  3. A design showing the Custom Mat Layout will be emailed or faxed back for customer approval. A signature must be on file verifying the accuracy of the layout!
  4. Mats will ship within 3 business days after receipt of PO with a signed drawing.

If you not sure how to plan your project please call us at 877 880 8453 and we will help you get your order.

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SunTouch Mats Specifications and installation procedure

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