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Square Shower Hot Mop FHA Drain Adapter



Hot Mop - FHA Drain Adapter

Drains to specific non-standard drain fitting

This Particular adapter is for use with all Sq Shower Drain in this page, FHA drains with a compression seal.

The H-Mop Adapter Kit is designed to adapt common Cast Iron Shower Drains to be compatible with ebbe Square Drain Bodies.
Cast Iron is used in shower construction within the state of California because it can easily withstand the temperature of Hot Tar Waterproofing.

PVC and ABS plastic drains would melt when exposed to the 500 ° + temperature of the tar.
This “Hot Mop” method of shower waterproofing has been popular in the state of California for more than fifty years, because of its reliability, economy and quick installation.

They replace the standard clamping flange and have internal threads that mate with the male threads in the Sq Drain.

Adapters are required when connecting EBBE Square Drain.

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